“ they were surrounded by an ever-changing symphony... It was breathtaking and peaceful...”

—Narration, in Nightfall

Location Edit

Choralmere is the Song family's residence. It is described to be nestled between a pristine cove and the edge of a forest. As noted by Tam, "a beachfront house isn't exactly an ideal location for a newly fledged Hydrokinetic."[1]


Turquoise water laps at the silver shore and a stone path lined with glowing golden orbs leads to the entrance. The corners of its crystal, garnet, and amber outer wall are crowned with tiers of golden roofs. Towers built of sparkly bricks jut from the courtyard, adorned with gilded moldings and balconies. Golden lanterns are tied around the structure with treetops peeking through the center. Wind chimes, waves, and rustling leaves create a symphony of music. The floor is golden with gilded fountains inside and even a mirror-lined hall. The inner courtyard is filled with flowering trees, lacy plants, and several reflecting pools.

The name "Choralmere" may be a reference to Mai Song — "Choral" is a musical term referring to voice/singing, and "mère" in French means "mother." Hence, the name translates to "musical mother," going along with Linh and Tam's mother being a famous musician.


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