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This is Sophie Elizabeth Foster the girl with 5 abilities.

Special Abilities are talents that are woven into an elf's DNA. This ability may eventually become active, which is called manifesting. Manifesting usually happens in an elf's teenage years. Sophie is the only elf that manifested before her teenage years because Mr. Forkle triggered her abilities at the age of five. Most elves only have one ability thought some get two usually when they are a Polyglot, the only elf known to have more then two abilities is Sophie Elizabeth Foster who has 5 abilities and more might come (with the exception of Keefe Sencen who has a unknown amount of abilities possibly 3 or more). Some elves don’t get any abilities and are called the talentless. When these elves marry an elf with a talent it results in a bad match because of the matchmaking system. This system is made to make you have the possible most powerful child and as talentless elves are considered not very powerful it automatically becomes a bad match.

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