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Main Characters:[]

Sophie Elizabeth Foster

Keefe Sencen

Fitzroy Avery Vacker (Nickname: Fitz)

Biana Amberly Vacker

Dexter Alvin Dizznee (Nickname: Dex)

Tam Dai Song

Linh Hai Song

Wylie Zoran Endal

Maruca Chebota

Marella Adene Redek



Grady Ruewen (Sophie’s Adoptive Father)

Edaline Ruewen (Sophie’s Adoptive Mother)

Jolie Lucine Ruewen (died in a fire; Grady and Edaline's biological daughter)

Sophie Elizabeth Foster (Grady and Edaline's adoptive daughter)


Cassius Sencen (Keefe’s Father)

Gisela Sencen (Keefe‘s Mother)

Keefe Sencen


Alden Dedrick Vacker (Fitz and Biana's Father)

Della Adara Vacker (Fitz and Biana's Mother)

Alvar Soren Vacker (Fitz and Biana's Older Brother, deceased)

Fitzroy Avery Vacker (Fitz)

Biana Amberly Vacker


Kesler Ardal Dizznee (Dex's Father)

Juline Kalea Dizznee (Dex's Mother also known as Squall from the Black Swan collective)

Lex Dizznee (Dex's Little Brother)

Rex Dizznee (Dex's Little Brother)

Bex Dizznee (Dex's Little Sister)

Dexter Alvin Dizznee (Dex)

Fosters (Sophie's Human Family)

William David Foster or Connor Freeman (Sophie's Human Father)

Emma Iris Foster or Kate Freeman (Sophie's Human Mother)

Sophie Elizabeth Foster

Amy Rose Foster or Natalie Freeman (Sophie's Human Little Sister)

Songs (Tongs)*

Quan Song* (Linh and Tam's Father)

Mai Song* (Linh and Tam's Mother)

Tam Dai Song*

Linh Hai Song*


Marella's Dad (Marella's Father)

Caprise Redek (Marella's Mother)

Marella Adene Redek


Vika Heks (Stina's Mother)

Timkin Heks (Stina's Father)

Stina Destry Heks


Wylie Zoran Endal

Prentice Endal (Wylie's biological Father, had a memory break and recently recovered)

Cyrah Endal (Wylie's Mother, died in a failed light leap)

Tiergan (Wylie's adoptive father)

Other Characters:[]


Iggy (Sophie's pet imp)

Silveny (Sophie's alicorn friend)

Greyfell (Silveny’s mate)

Luna (Silveny & Greyfell's filly)

Wynn (Silveny & Greyfell's colt)

Verdi (A T-rex in Havenfield)


Councillor Oralie

Councillor Bronte

Councillor Kenric (Councillor Kenric died at Fintan's healing due to Everblaze)

Councillor Terik

Councillor Alina (Former Foxfire principal)

Councillor Emery

Councillor Clarette

Councillor Liora

Councillor Zarina

Councillor Noland

Councillor Darek

Councillor Ramira

Councillor Velia

Councillor Fallon Vacker (former)

Councillor Fintan Pyren (former)

Foxfire Mentors & Staff (Copied from page)


Sir Tiergan (aka Granite)

Sir Astin (aka Mr. Forkle)

Lady Galvin (Sophie's Level 2 Alchemy mentor)

Lady Iskra (Dex's technopathy mentor)

Lady Belva

Sir Conley

Lady Alexine

Sir Donwell

Lady Cadence (Also the Beacon of the Silver Tower Sophie's polygot mentor)

Sir Rosings

Sir Harding

Lady Veda

Magnate Leto Kerlof Principal of Foxfire (Mr. Forkle)

Lady Anwen

Barth the Reaper

Sir Beckett

Councillor Bronte (Sophie's inflicting mentor)

Sir Caton

Lady Dara

Lady Evera

Sir Faxon

Lady Nissa

Lady Zillah (Tam's shade mentor)

Lady Sanja

The Black Swan

Mr. Forkle (Magnate Leto/Sir Astin)



Tinker (Black Swan technopath)

Granite (Tiergan)

Physic (Livvy)

Squall (Juline Dizznee)

Calla (Shifted to Panakes Tree)



Jolie Lucine Ruewen (deceased)


The Neverseen

Alvar Soren Vacker (The Boy Who Disappeared)

Brant (deceased)

Fintan Pyren


Lady Gisela

Ruy Ignis


Umber (deceased)


Jolie Lucine Ruewen (deceased, worked as a spy for the Black Swan)




Botros (Nickname: Bo)




Romhilda (Nickname: Ro)





Brielle (deceased)




*Real last name is Tong, but it was changed to Song a couple of generations ago because they write music. (confirmed in Nightfall)

The Names & Their Meanings:

Name followed by dash = Middle name = and Words in bold are the definition

Sophie - Elizabeth Wisdom-Oath of God/God is satisfaction

Keefe - Noble/Gentle/Handsome

Fitzroy - Avery Son of the King/Seeker of Wisdom-Elf ruler/Elf counsel

Biana - Fair-skinned, white

Alvar - Elf army

Alden - Old friend/Wise friend

Della - Bright/Noble

Cassius - Narcissistic/Vain

Gisela - Pledge/(Giselle means) Hostage

Dexter - Alvin Right-handed, dexterous/skilled-Wise friend

Grady - Noble

Edaline - Noble

Jolie - Lucine Cheerful/Pretty/Beautiful-Illumination  

Ruewen - Ruin/Rueing

Brant - Firebrand

Fintan - White fire/ White bull (Pyren - derived from the pyre, which means a big bonfire, usually to burn the dead on)

Gethen - Dark/Swarthy

Ruy - It’s made up, as far as we can tell/Vietnamese first name or unsure

Juline - Youthful

Kesler - Coppersmith

Tam - Heart/Twin/Innocent

Linh - Spirit/Soul

Jensi - God is gracious

Marella - Shining sea

Maruca - Snail

Stina - Pure

Timkin - Is a surname

Vika - From the creek

Wylie - Well-watered meadow

Prentice - Apprentice/Learner

Cyrah - Enthroned/Sun

Tiergan - Strong-willed

Elwin - Elf-wise friend

Oralie - Golden

Kenric - Fearless leader

Terik - Thunder-ruler/Powerful

Bronte - The sound of the thunder

Alina - Light/Noble

Clarette - Clear

Quinlin - Gently-shaped fellow/Perfection of form

Astin - Bright as a star

Errol - Loki - Army commander/Nobleman-a Norse trickster god

Leto - Hidden/forgotten

Forkle - Mysterious but loving

Cadence - A rhythmic flow of sound

Galvin - White

Sandor - Defender of Man

Woltzer - Is a fake name

Brielle - God is my strength

Cadoc - Battle

Grizel - Grey battle/Christian battle

Jurek - Earth worker

Silveny - Is a fake name, possibly derived from "silver"

Greyfell - A Norwegian horse

Luna - Moon

Wynn - Friend

Dimitar - Is a girl’s name, and it means Earth mother

Calla - Beautiful / a genus of flowers called the Calla lily

Caprise - Fanciful ( derived from capricious, which means impulsive)

Valin - Tailed / similar to Valentine

Connor - Strong - willed

Kate - Pure/Clear

Natalie - Christmas day

Amy - Rose - Dearly loved/Beloved

Emma - Iris - Whole/Universal-Rainbow (Iris, the Greek rainbow goddess)

William - David - Resolute protector/Beloved

Vespera - Eveningstar

Ro - Battle

Botros - Arabic form of the name "Peter", which means rock or stone

Flori - Flower

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