“"And I get to meet the new recruit-a Redek, no less. I'm assuming your mother doesn't know about this new hobby, given how much she sacrificed to keep you away."”

Fintan Pyren, in Book 6: Nightfall

Caprise Redek is Marella Redek's mother. She fell from a high balcony (many suspects because of drinking too much fizzleberry wine) Pre-Keeper, and received brain damage. As a result, her emotions run rampant, and while she takes elixirs to help herself control them, they aren't always effective. This event happened back when Marella was a toddler. In Neverseen, Mr. Forkle as Sir Astin mentions that her mother had started feeling better a few months before the council talked about the plague, which takes place around the same day Biana manifested. It had ended up being a misunderstanding though. She was a witness to Cyrah's appearance at Mysterium before her light leaping "accident".

Appearance Edit

Not much is known about her physical appearance other than the fact that she has the same unruly hair as her daughter.

Personality Edit

Like many residents in the lost cities, she believes in the stereotypes, as shown by Marella claiming that her mom thought the Dizznee's had triplets because they were a bad match.

She has constant irrational mood changes, which can be very hard to manage. She is not often clear-headed, but when she was in Nightfall, she had taken the blame for a fire to protect Marella.

Once Marella manifested, she stuck by her side to make sure she didn't go up in flames again.

Relationships Edit

  • MARELLA (daughter)- Marella really has a difficult time with her mother's state, and is affected emotionally because of them. Her mother supported her when she manifested, and may be a contributing factor to her personality where she gossips about everyone but herself.
  • ’’Lord’’ Redek (husband)- With this man, her husband, she was very supportive of Marella when she manifested.
  • MR. FORKLE (acquaintance/possible love interest)- Caprise Redek met some form of Mr. Forkle, in which she had laughed, cried, and had many other forms of emotions in one conversation.


Caprise falls off a balcony, which many believe is from drinking too much fizzleberry wine, around the time Marella was a toddler. She was a witness to Cyrah's visit to Mysterium before her murder, where she had taken into her possession a starstone that had lead to Lady Gisela and Lord Cassius' s room.  Mr. Forkle had interviewed the witnesses on a day in which Caprise had been struggling greatly. During this time she repeatedly mumbled that Cyrah should've been more careful.

Book 1: Keeper of the Lost CitiesEdit

Marella's mom is merely referenced in this book by Marella who states that her mom thinks the Dizznee's had triplets because they were a bad match .


Unknown to Sophie and the readers of the book, around the time Biana manifested, Caprise had apparently appeared to have gotten better. This is revealed in Neverseen. It had turned out to be a misunderstanding. 


Mr. Forkle, as Sir Astin tells Sophie about Caprise after seeing her stand next to Marella, during the time the Councillors talk about the plague.


According to Marella, Caprise will not leave the house, which she suspects is her reaction to the terrible things the Neverseen is doing. She doesn't want to freak out her mom by talking about Cyrah, as her mom is already very stressed and her condition has gotten quite bad. On a later date where her mom is feeling much better, and having a pretty good day, she questioned her about Cyrah, asking why she had claimed Cyrah should've been more careful, she responded that Cyrah was messing with things she didn't understand before walking out. She had returned with a starstone, giving it to Marella after she promised not to use it, saying that she had found it in Cyrah's stall. Caprise had continued to have another okay day afterward.


After Marella manifests, Caprise is known to be very supportive, sticking by her side all day. When deciding where to move Alvar, Caprise's home was ruled out as Marella believed his injuries would freak her out.

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