“My dad is the bigger is better kind of guy.”

Keefe Sencen, in Book 3: Everblaze

Candleshade is where the Sencen family lives. It is also known as the "ominous tower of doom" as stated by Sophie in Everblaze. Its vast size displays the wealth and power of the Sencen family. It is an incredibly tall castle, made up of one tall tower that goes up about 100 floors before splitting into smaller towers, each with a roof of gold. It has no windows, and the walls are made of smooth glass. The entrance to the building is a small golden door. Behind the door is a foyer that is empty except for a silver spiral staircase that goes up and up and up. The floor is smooth and black, and the inside has the same crystal walls, but glowing with tiny pricks of Balefire - a blue flame.

The castle is over 200 stories tall altogether, with the Leapmaster 10,000 on the 200th floor. The family owns a vortinator- a staircase that rushes whoever's on it to whatever floor they'd like. It functions kind of like a super fast, spiraled escalator. Lord Cassius also has a giant lumenite statue of himself in Candleshade. Ro also mentioned that it screamed "overcompensating."

Keefe's bedroom in Candleshade is 3 stories tall.


  • Lady Gisela (formerly; when it was found out that she was working with the Neverseen, she had to move to not get captured)

Known RoomsEdit

  • Keefe's Bedroom (Former)

Keefe's bedroom is 3 stories tall.

  • Keefe‘s Room of Honors

Lord Cassius dedicated a room of his house to all of Keefe‘s honors, but it currently only houses a pile of detention slips.

  • Unknown Room on the 33rd floor

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