Calla was a gnome who worked with the Black Swan. She was involved in Sophie's creation to make sure that nothing was unnatural and would affect the life of an innocent girl. Wise, she's someone whom Sophie grew a very strong connection to, and whom Sophie often looked up to. She bred a few different species of flowers to help Sophie have good dreams and sleep well. Like all gnomes, Calla is very connected to nature. She had long, braided hair and big grey eyes. At the end of book four, Calla sacrifices her life to create a Panakes tree to cure her people who are infected with a plague. This affected Sophie very much emotionally. Sophie often sits under Calla's Panakes Tree. Calla was famous for her starkflower stew. Calla also has a great-great-grandniece named Flori, who used to work at Havenfield, but is now one of Sophie's bodyguards.