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Cadfael is an ogre and was previously a Mercadir. He and Ro trained together and were often paired up because of their similar strengths. He is one of the known rebel ogres working with the Neverseen.

In Flashback, it's revealed that Cad is Ro's ex-boyfriend. Ro insists though that she wouldn't hesitate to kill Cad for his treason.

Cad works with the Neverseen and helps them with their biological concerns. It can be guessed that Cad is working with the Neverseen for power.

Personality Edit

Cadfael is said to be very arrogant and seems convinced that he is an expert on everything. He was always a bragger, and wanted leadership. He was disgusted at the Neverseen for leaving their own (Umber) after her death, saying that he would never do that to his kind.