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Brumevale, mentioned in Nightfall, is one of the Black Swan's hideouts. This is the location where Sophie learned that Mr. Forkle had a twin. This is also the only place Mr. Forkle has found Moonlarks in the wild. It is ancient, with a complicated history and reclaimed by the Black Swan. Brumevale is also the location where Project Moonlark was conceived.


Much like Atlantis, to access Brumevale, one must first light leap to an entrance location. This area is hot and humid, with thick swirls of white fog fuzzing out any glimmer of the sky. It is like the center of a cloud, or the "inside of a verminion's cheeks," according to Keefe. In Nightfall, Tiergan released a whirlwind to clear the air and reveal a staircase leading up to Brumevale's lighthouse.


The staircase to enter Brumevale consists of narrow blue stones that hover in the sky, without any anchor, railing, or structure. The staircase is the only way in or out of the hideout. At the top, there is a lighthouse sprouted straight out of the sky which seems to emit a deep, soulful hum. Inside the lighthouse is a weathered door carved from rich, cherry colored wood, which leads to a small, round chamber. The room is decorated with shabby armchairs and faded rugs, and has a narrow staircase tucked in the shadows that leads upstairs.

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