Brier is a gnome mentioned in the fourth book Neverseen who had assisted on the Exile raid. With the other gnomes Calla introduced, Vered, Kloris, and Nesrin, as well as Amisi who was previously known, were the gnomes held open the tunnel of the very old roots, of Methuselah in the Forbidden Cities. This was meant to be a job for nine, but after the plague stretched to the Strixian Plains infecting a family of gnomes, the group formed was only one of six. This meant that each gnome had to do more work, which Calla confirmed they were capable of, saying that their voices were strong. It was mentioned by Sophie that every ten thousand steps, a gnome would stay behind to ensure the tunnel stayed open as Brier must have done at some point. Considering the context of Calla's recruitment of the gnomes, Brier most likely did not work for the Black Swan, and Brier hasn't been mentioned since.