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Bramble is a game played by the elves in the Lost Cities. There is not much known about Bramble, except for the fact that there is a championship every three years. It's played with a triangle shaped ball and involves tackling. We know that Grady has a part in organizing the sport, and he has a couple hundred years' worth of jerseys in his possession (according to Sophie).

Bramble is represented by a red triangle with 2 crossing gray lines on a background of blue.

Trivia Edit

  • Although it is a popular sport among elves, it is barely mentioned in the books.
  • We know that the Boy Who Disappeared (identity revealed in to be Alvar in Book 4: Neverseen ) was wearing a bramble jersey when Sophie saw him.
  • When Keefe mentioned Bramble, he said, "Like, maybe a round of Tackle Bramble?" That was from Neverseen when Fitz was recovering from the getting impaled.
  • In Nightfall, we learn that Keefe took Fitz's favorite bramble jersey.
  • Bramble could be a cross between rugby/football/basketball.
  • It has been said that Biana is incredible at Tackle Bramble.
  • Fitz usually wears a bramble jersey during his morning run.
  • There is a one on one version.
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