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Botros, also known as Bo, is an ogre and one of Sophie's bodyguards. He is a Mercadir and was appointed to be a bodyguard for Sophie for more protection in Flashback. He has a gruff voice and takes his position very seriously. He is also married to Ro. The name "Botros" means stone.  

Appearance Edit

Botros has mottled skin that blends in well with the shadows. He has an apelike shape, long arms, a barrel chest, and squat, muscled legs. He wears a metal diaper with hammered steel shin guards and a spiked steel plate that curves from the base of his neck to his ribs. He has a strong jawline and a deeper gray to his eyes. Botros has swirling tattoos on his forehead, pale green stones pierced through his ears, and a dark green stud through the center of his bottom lip. Sophie notes that he might be what ogres consider handsome.

Relationships Edit

  • Ro (wife)

There is an arranged marriage between Bo and Ro. King Dimitar arranged the marriage to protect his two strongest warriors, hoping that they wouldn't fight for power and would instead work together.

Bo is Sophie's assigned ogre bodyguard in her multispecial bodyguard project. He has sworn to protect her with his life.

King Dimitar is Bo's king. Dimitar chose Bo to be the ogre to protect Sophie. King Dimitar is also the one who arranged Bo and Ro's marriage, to prevent one of his two best warriors being killed in the final spar to become the ruler. In this way they would not have to spar each other but would share the throne. Ro and Bo argue who will spar for the throne.

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