This article is about the ninth KOTLC book. You may be looking for Book 8.5: Unlocked.

On May 22nd, 2018, Shannon Messenger announced that there will be a ninth book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series. It is scheduled to be released in November of 2021.[1] The previous book is Book 8.5, Unlocked, which will release in November 2020. It will most likely include a Short Story, as the past four books (Book 6: Nightfall, Book 7: Flashback, Book 8: Legacy, and Book 8.5: Unlocked) have.

What We Know

  • New art will release with the coming of this book.
  • Most of the questions we have will be resolved.
  • This may be the last book of the series. If Shannon Messenger does not have room/time to finish the story, there will not be a tenth book.
  • Book 9 will come out in fall 2021


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