Keeper of the Lost Cities: Unlocked is book 8.5 in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series. It was announced by Shannon Messenger on February 19, 2020. The previous book is Legacy, which was released on November 5, 2019.

About the book Edit

  • Unlocked will be released on November 17, 2020 (USA)
  • Unlocked will be told from both Keefe and Sophie's perspectives.
  • Unlocked will pick up right where Legacy left off.
  • A preview of Unlocked will be released with the paperback version of Legacy on October 13, 2020 (USA)
  • Unlocked cover will be release tomorrow

Extras Edit

Besides the story, several other things will be released in this book, including:

  • Full-color art
    • There will be a series of full-color illustrations based on scenes from the previous KotLC books (one from each book)
    • The art representing Exile will be a full-color illustration of Sophie and Keefe flying Silveny to the Black Swan hideout.
  • Black-and-white illustrations
  • Keeper of the Lost Cities recipes
  • An official map of the Lost Cities
  • A series guide about the characters and world (including never before revealed details)
  • Recipes

Stay updated on events and possibly the release of the cover art on Shannon Messenger's website,

She also posts on Instagram and Twitter.


We do not know whether or not coronavirus (Covid-19) will affect the release date.

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