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Bodyguards are soldiers that the Councillors use to protect themselves and other important elvin citizens. In most cases, they appoint goblin warriors, as they have a sturdy alliance with Queen Hylda, the goblin queen. It was unknown whether the elves have used any other species of bodyguards until Nightfall, when Keefe was appointed an ogre bodyguard, Ro.

First Appearance[edit | edit source]

After Sophie and Dex's kidnapping, an experienced goblin warrior named Sandor was put in charge of protecting Sophie. At first, Sophie found it annoying, but they form a friendship closer than simply bodyguard and bodyguard's charge. In Flashback, after failing to protect Sophie during a severe Neverseen attack, Sandor tries to remove himself from his position as Sophie's bodyguard, due to lack of confidence in his skills, but Sophie manages to stop him.

Known Bodyguards:[edit | edit source]

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