Ch. 1

“Mom! I’m off to school!” I yelled. I waited for Mom to come rushing up the winding staircase to the Leapmaster 2000.

Of course, she did. “Oh, I’m so proud of you, honey!” exclaimed my mother. “Make the Noble level teachers proud!” She embraced me, barely letting me breathe.

“Of course, mother!” I was still mad at her about the way she took the “Brant situation.” Still, I love her. Just then, Dad rushed in.

“My little girl’s all grown up!” he said. He closed the gap between us to embrace me, and I prepared for the gut-smashing squeezing. After all of that was done, I mad a beam of light to Foxfire with a crystal, like always, and was just about to step into it when Grady yelled, “Wait!”

I turned around and saw him clutching a small box. “Jolie, I brought something for you…” he trailed off. I gasped as he opened the box. I had nearly forgotten about the tradition that my parents started when I was a Level 1.

“It’s… Beautiful!” I breathed, as I picked up the charm from my father’s hand. I placed it on my charm bracelet on my wrist. It jingled as I found the right spot amidst the seven other charms. I took in the beautiful silver unicorn, glinting with the intricate carving along the mane and horn.

“Wow, I love it… mom and dad.” I said, embracing them one final time. They were super surprised. After all, this was the first time I called them “mom and dad” for a while.

“Bye, mom! Bye, dad!”  I yelled, once again feeling like a little girl on the first day of school. Of course, I'm nineteen, and this is NOT the first time I went to school. I stepped into the beam of light...

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