(Obviously not Biana Vacker actually writing this, but she needs some recognition. This is like a recap of all the books so far, but in Biana's POV)

Chapter one: Perfect daughter

My name is Biana Vacker.  It's a pretty name, I've been told, but it makes me shrivle up inside. Vacker. It could innitally be translated to: Perfection.

Why is that a bad thing? I guess I should be pround. But a part of me has always thought that without flaws, how can someone really love you for who you are?

Oh boy. There I go getting all deep. Let me take you back to a time in my life where that part of me- the part that has made me into who I am today, was still asleep within me. 

Waiting for it's wakeup call. 

June 19, 2016. I remember that day so clearly, and Not just because I'd just bought my favorite pair of lace up sandals (the ones with teal rhinstone studded straps). That was the day that SHE arrived. SHE is Sophie Foster. 

Don't get me wrong, I love her like a sister now, but back then... she... me...we... 

Let's just say we weren't real chummy. The first thing that bothered me: She was absolutely and indescribably pretty. Pretty was supposed to be MY thing. The thing that made me valuable, and memorable. You could have asked anyone in Foxfire, and I promise you they all would have said that I was that beauty queen.

But when I walked into my livingroom, ans saw Sophie and my mom, talking chatting, etc, I was shocked. My mom- she was acting like SOPHIE was her perfect little daughter. What did that make me?

So (and I'm not proud of this) twelve year old me reacted in the only way I knew how. Being the bully.

And because of that, I caused a broken heart, a kidnapping, and in general, an introduction into war within the elvin world. And I was just getting started.

But I try not to take too mutch credit.

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