Poem by Beatrice (btw I am sorry if this is bad, this is my first poem):

I love you

Those simple words

I love you

You whispered it to me, I heard

It was on a dark night

when I was shivering with fright

But you held me close and whispered in my ear

I love you

But father never said that

never held me near

Always stiff, and stern, and cruel,

Making me feel like a fool,

But you, you were the good guy

Less stern and more kind

Not afraid to give me a small smile

But now as years go by,

It seems you were the villain all along,

And now I can't tell whats right and wrong

It's all just a blur

and the only light in my life is her

But even then I always seem to screw up

To say the wrong thing

Cause in the end I'm just your puppet

Something you can twist and bend,

give me scars that no one can mend.

and turn me into a terrible friend

So now I ask this question loud and clear,

And wherever you are I hope you hear

And give me an answer to all the thing you did and why

“Did you love me?”

Or was it just a lie

(this is from Keefe to Gislea)

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