You are literally the BESTEST writer ever!!!!!!!! I'm also writing a KotLC fanfic, and I'm hoping to post some on the wiki. Can I post some of it here? I feel like I want to share it with some KotLC fans who really get me. But ... it's not what I think Legacy is. It's more of a back to Neverseen thing, where—

No spoilers! But I can give you guys the basic idea sometime. I'm just a girl who wants to share her writing!

BTW The mysterious miss foster: I am also an aspiring author! Except I'm in fifth grade. Maybe I won't copy & paste here, but maybe some other thread. I haven't got an account and I doubt I'll make one at ten, but maybe.

- CustardBurstingTamianaShipper (literally just thought of that name)

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