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Summary: Who said the elves were the only powerful, humanoid species around? 

“Are you ready?”

I look into the mauve eyes of my closest friend, Astria, and nod. Although I’m not. Really though, how could anyone be ready—truly ready— for what I’m about to do?

“Stay safe. Or at least try,” My mother says, dabbing daintily at her wet cheeks with a lacy handkerchief.

“And come back as soon as you have completed the mission.” My father says sternly. “We’ll wait for updates.”

Yes, my father is not the most sentimental of people. Nevertheless, he tolerates my hug.

“You know what to do, right?” Astria asks me. I nod again. This nod I really do mean. I’ve been prepped for this dozens of times—put through my paces.

I give one last hug to my parents and Astria, then stand in the middle of what I think of as the Launch Room. Pulling the pendant out from the concealed pocket beside the zipper on my cyan pinafore, I raise the 27-sided lodestone to the ceiling, where a disk points a piece of metal resembling an antenna at me. I adjust the onyx lodestone until the 27th side is facing the antenna. The side I have been told to never use unless instructed. The side I had added to my lodestone after I took up the position as a spy.

The side that will take me out of my world, and into theirs.

“On three,” Astria instructs Gryphone, the Charger responsible for transporting me. He steps forward and places his hands on another metal disk, which is linked to the one on the ceiling.


I look around the room, at its inhabitants. I will not see them again for weeks.


I think of how difficult this mission will be, yet what an honour it is too. To be given a mission by the queen is pretty much all anyone can ask for. Well, to be acknowledged by the queen is good enough for most, but to be a spy you can’t be satisfied with “good enough”. You have to get the best.


Gryphone sends a surge of electricity into the disk, which crackles up the wires and into the antenna. The current blasts out of the antenna in a lethal beam of glowing energy and connects with my lodestone. I don’t even have time to blink, let alone call a final goodbye, when I am sucked up, up, up, into absolute nothingness.

And then the void opens and I fall into a tree.

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