This is your traditional fantasy world. Dragons, princesses, brave, strong, handsome knights, wizards and witches, evil sorcerers and vampires, morbid werewolves and beasts of nightmares.


You know what, screw that. Screw the princesses being saved by the brave knights. Screw the dramatic quests against evil for justice. We’re gonna play this our own ways. Give me a dragon-knight duo fighting off crime in the streets. Give me a princess who can’t sing to save her life but can rap like h**l. Give me a dark sorcerer who becomes an eccentric animal caretaker. Give me everything you’ve got.

In this roleplay, you’ll be taking a fairytale stereotype, and making your character the complete opposite of that. For instance, my OC, Quinn, is a prince who travels all around the world, looking for his lost sisters, and ends up getting into many hairy situations, one of which being that he gets kidnapped by an enemy knight and used as ransom, so he has to get saved by a dragon princess. But instead of them falling in love or all that mushy ew stuff, they become inseparable best friends who team up to try and find Quinn’s missing sisters.

Anyways, you can choose a scenario I mentioned above, or you can make up a completely new one. Although it’d be convenient if someone happened to be the dragon princess who has to save Quinn’s sorry butt instead of me making an NPC.





Role: (Like, mage, Knight, royalty, etc.)

Reversed Stereotype:




Meh form-

Name: Quinn Autumnburns

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Role: He’s a prince.

Reversed stereotype: Already explained.

Personality: Quinn has an adventurous, lighthearted demeanor. He can be semi-serious most of the time, and he’s pretty determined to find all four of his younger missing sisters, traveling around the world to find them.


Other: Not really, no.


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