The lost cities were falling apart. War, between every species, elves turning into broken, mindless creatures of rage, no safe place anywhere. Among the carnage, 100 people, young and old, including you 12, were picked to come to a new city. A brand new start. The Hidden City.

The Hidden City seems like a dream, a do-over of the lost cities that smoothed out every flaw, every imperection, but is it really? Is the Hidden City a dream, or the same nightmare with a new skin?

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Name (full name, please): Harmony Bree Calston (goes by her middle name)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Ability (one, please, it can be something new): powerful Chronokinesis

Appearance: drawing isn't mine

Personality: fidgety, nervous, hotheaded, jumps to conclusions, easily hurt, sweet, can be a bit rude at times, protective of her friends, loyal, too trusting of friends, good lair, very hard to read. Very logical, defenetly follows her head when she's calm and has time to think.

Sexaulity: Pansexual


Backstory (optional): She was a pretty happy kid or the most part, and her family wasn't very affected by the war. Of course, it was stressful, but other people had it worse. One day, a group of agnry goblins targeted her family. Bree had heard echoes of the future telling her about the attack, but she was too young for anyone to believe her, so Bree took some supplies, and set off on her own. Later, she saw smoke in he sky, and ran back to her family's house. It was burnt to the ground, and she got to see all her family's burnt corpses. Yay! *sarcaism*

Anyway, she hid, after a while her aunt found her and took her in, and they lived together, and got news of the new city and where super happy but then an ogre murdered her aunt so Bree is living alone in the city.

Other (optional): Hi!

Rown hair


Acceped Characters

Bree Calston-- Me (Starcloud3)

Hinata Kiringami-- Loki

Luna Rose-- AlexJeanEastend

Jackson Fallis-- A sokeefe shipper

Mekhi McKee-- Hermabeth Foster

Ione Medan-- PearBlossom

Chess Gloves-- TheCharmingBookworm

Aryia Alvarez-- ZeSnarkyMoonlarks

Alexandria Evergreen-- FitzphieForever12

Myla Edford--LoveSokeefeForever

Connor McCarthy-- Ladylou1999

Kumiho Viorene-- Mizulinh

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