SoKeefeForLifeFangirl wrote:
(Here it is!!! We will start soon.)

Name: Romhilda Foster (Evil laugh.)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

School: Exillium

Parents: Sophie foster and Keefe Sencen 

Apperence:  Blue hair. Wears suits and vests and stuff. 5'2' Oh yes, pink eyes!!!! Messy hair wore in small braids. 


Personality: Ro is very catious at first meet. After you get to know her, she is very nice and warm. Hates her family. Hates fancy stuff. Sometimes can be found lost in deep thought. She also has something she calls memory blackouts, they happen once a week. When that happens..... well, you'll have to find out. Has never cried in front of anyone: hard to crack her shell. Also has good reflexes. 

Abilities: Beguiler, teleportor.

Backstory/other: Open to shipping. Anyways. Ro has always considered herself an outcast in her family of 2 brothers and 2 sisters. The fifth wheel. First of all, she has black hair. She covers it with her dye. Then all her siblings have manifested earlier than her and each have 4 abilities. She is the middle child. She is horrible at pranks and jokes, nothing like her parents. Then one day, Ro did something illegal. (You'll have to find out what!) She got sent to Exilluim. All her family and friends have been distant from then on. (Wait, can like Avianna and Ro be best buds!!??) Ro has lots of secrets, but got chosen for the whole 10 mission thing because she can persuade and teleport. Also her 'Aunt' Ro, is who she is closest with. They both hate anything sparkly. Basically, the end.

You can totally be mah bud!

-Roslind A.K.A Avianna

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