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Silvia Gretchen
Jane Gretchen
Madeline Corbray
Madeline Corbray

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A group of elves were banished for switching over to the Neverseen for a short while (NOT ELVES IN KOTLC) and you are their children. You are adopted, due to the fact that they were taken back to the Elven world and taken to Exile. You are all in California, USA, and are at a private High School, named Juniper High, which is year-round. You do not know you are elves, and slowly discover that you have powers and realize you are not normal. You all have your own dorms and all have the same schedule.


-Breakfast(Cafeteria) 7-8

-English (Room 301) 8-8:45

-Science (Room 407) 8:45-9:30

-Math( Room 502) 9:30- 10:15

-Break (Non Applicable) 10:15- 11

-PE(Gym) 11-11:45

-Art (Room 103) 11:45- 12:30

Lunch (Cafeteria) 12:30- 1:30

-Coumputer (Room 204) 1:30- 2:15

-History (Room 303) 2:15- 3

-Schools out! Wander around School or a explore the town!


Student (Elf)

Feel free to join anytime!

10/10 Students

Teachers (I will be all the teachers)


Silvia Gretchen

Madeline Corbray

Lily Krisrora

Luke Krisrora

Anna Zhou

Accalia Windwoods

Jeyrus Bearous (People call him Jelly Bean)

Zoey Candace Moore

Jaylen poruigo


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