Congratulations! You have been accepted into Blackstone School!

But mystery letter, you might think, I never signed up for Blackstone School!

You actually did, you just didn't know. You all signed up for a new, revolutionary boarding school that would be a mix of different cultures. Well, that's Blackstone School!

You, along with five other students, have been chosen specifically. You will be working alongside elves from the Lost Cities - try not to freak out about that, humans - and humans from the area around Blackstone School.

We have the support of three councilors from the elvin world, but no one else.

Tell no one but your parents about the school. 

We look forward to meeting you!


Cecilia Bashrine and Amber Perrinna


Blackstone School is a tiny school for elves and humans to work side by side. 


- Human: Cecilia Bashrine: Lucat 13 (me)

- Elf: Amber Perrinna: Lucat 13 (me) 



- Jaren Kirameki-Kagayaku- Loki (Fandom User)

- Moren Entraz - AlexJeanEastend

- Irene Summers - The Keeper of the Lost Cities




- Delaney Denadene - PearBlossom

- Cato Aisling - Keeper of the Divergent District




- Shipping allowed, keep it PG

- Keep everything PG

- No discrimonation, espically aginst LGBTQ people!

- Hate the OC, not the player.

- Follow what your charater would do. 

- Don't be mean.

- 1 - 2 ablities (nothing to OP) (also try to stick to the elemantal abilities if you can't think of something else)

- Say "Hello universe!" in your form to be accepted




Age (15-17): 

Speices (elf or human): 

Abilty (if elf):







Cecilia has wavy, light brown hair that reaches down her to her elbows and brown eyes. Light caramel skin tone. She wears the teacher version of the uniforms - black pants, a dark green shirt and a gray jacket if it's cold. Around 5'4. 

Teacher of math, ELA, Human History


Amber has bright amber hair and bright blue eyes. She has pale skin and a few freckles. She wears the same thing as Cecilia, except for a long, dark blue cloak. Around 5'7. Hydrokinetic. 

Abilty teacher, Spieces, Science, Elven hisotory


The setting is Blackstone School. It's in a forest, with a dirt road winding up to a garage. There's a main buliding in the center, with five smaller bulidings, one long buliding off to the side, a large garden, and a ampi-theater. 

The first room of the main building is a small foyer with three doorways and a spiral staircase. The door on the left leads a hall, which goes to the kitchen. The middle door has a small dining room, with a table with eight chairs. The door on the right leads to the largest room of the three - a lounge area. There's two long couches, a TV, some armchairs, a coffee table, a bookcase, and a small upright piano. 

The second room of the main building is divided by a hall. There are six doorways, two on the left side and four on the right. The doors on the lefthand side are studying rooms/classrooms, with three desks, chairs, a whiteboard, and a bookcase in each. Two of the doors on the other side lead to bedrooms with three bunk beds in each. These rooms can be decorated however you want. The other two rooms are small bathrooms. 

The other buildings are classrooms, as well as an art/music room and a building where the teachers live/work. The long building is a pool/gym/classroom. 



Morning: History

Afternoon: Abilty training / Math

Evening: Music


Morning: ELA

Afternoon: Science

Evening: Music


Morning: Gym, then Speices

Afternoon: Ablity training / Math

Evening: Theater


Morning: History

Afternoon: Abilty training / Math

Evening: Music


Morning: ELA

Afternoon: Science

Evening: Music

Sat / Sun:

Most of the day break time, although there is a studing block on either Sat or Sun, and you can use any of the places or ask for extra lessions. 


You start on a Sunday, having just arrived to Blackstone School. Amber is waiting in the small ampitheater. Ceclia is waiting in the dirt courtyard. 

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