"Fintan doesn't give me the freedom. He says that I could burn down the whole list cities if I got enough training. I don't believe him. Welp. I see Fintan." Auburn said as she lead her gaze to the hill, spotting Fintan and. ........... Of course. THE BANGS B****. Fintan called Auburn over, and explained that she would be training with bangs b**** until she got a maroon fire. This would be a LOOOONNNNGGGGG day. There was no way she was cooperating with him.

She was dragged to her usual training spot, and started a fire. Bangs put Shadow's in, but didn't get the right color. Hours later, they were close but Fintan didn't approve. He leaped them to Eternalia, and instructed them to start a fire, just to make the council get distracted from there real problems.


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