(What if he escaped, and just goes back in? This isn't the real book, this is a role play so.anything can happen.)

Auburn walked around the forest, looking for something to do. She wasn't feeling up for more hide and seek. She found a couple of dead pieces of bark, and decided to experiment. She burned all of them, not enough for ashes, but she burned most of them. The last one was ashes. Auburn grabbed a living bark, and put the bark's that were on fire toghether. She put them onto the living bark. She put the bark in a tree, and planned on taking a cat nap, and seeing what happened. She likes sleeping in the forest better anyway. But of course, Gisela and the Bangs b**** came. They asked what the burning tree was for, and let's just say they both got a nasty scar under there ribs.

(I don't know what I just wrote. I'm bored)


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