Hi everyone this is Eve's older sister Bunny. Here is the list: 


  • Novah Lynne


  • Jax Cortez

The Snow Queen

  • Amana Karrs


  • Guy Yesguyishisfirstname 

Madame Mia 

  • Layla Starr

Ms. Lensie 

  • Delilah Nolastname

King Gigerin

  • Mason Holle

3 company girls

  • Mariam Badwithlastnames

  • Teagen Rhea Battah

  • Angela Youforgotyourlastname

  • Paige Hasnolastname 

3 company boys

  • Leo Portculli

  • Kyle Snyder

  • Robert Morenz

Okay time for some time for some comments. If you try out for lead you might not get the lead I could cast you as anything so no need to put “but will take any part if she has to” ok. People put your last name on the form. If you try out for a certain role you might not get in and if you want to paint sets do tech not as an actor. Kyle saying you look like Kemmi but male does not help me, and you were not in all of the musicals to ever exist on planet Earth. 

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