If Foxfire had senior quotes (some of these are actuall quotes)


Keefe stole my girlfriend


Biana: Biana vacker just finished her four year sentence in a soviet prison camp

Fitz: wait so I can put whatever i wan't up here?

Sophie: I wasted three years, ten months, three days, eight hours, and twenty minuets, on a handshake and a piece of paper

Dex: they say cheaters never win yet here I am

Tam: my GPA is higher than my will to live.

Linh: my brother says that if you break my heart then he will hurt you

Amy: that was nothing like high school musical

Wylie: see kids, I told you I looked hot when I was younger

Jensi: if I had a nickel for every time I got doomed by a puppet I would have two nickeels, wich isn't that much but it is stil weird that it happened twice.


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