6. Alden never faced off the Neverseen.

7. When Sophie asked Alden what fading was, it said 'he looked like he was looking into a memory when he responded'. Direct quote, guuys! How many elves we know have faded in the Lost Cities? Very little, and one of them was Cyrah, and only Cyrah's murderer and Wylie saw it.

8. There's always that one guy during Sophie's kidnapping and interrogation that seems concerned for her, asking if her bonds were too tight or if the other person knew what they were doing, like he knows her in real life. 

9. He's always asking for the Keeper gang to update him on plans, and the Neverseen always finds out said plans! They only get victories when they do something spontaneous without telling him, like flooding Ravagog.

I reworded the points a little, but these all came from the LEGACY ▹ KOTLC WAIT BOOK! by theunmappedstar on Wattpad.

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