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So, I noticed that everyone who ships Sokeefe calls what Sophie feels for Fitz a simple or schoolyard crush or something diminishing along those lines. I was just wondering why everyone think that, because I don't really think that's it.

Every relationship starts out as a schoolyard crush, or something of it's equivalent. You don't just look at someone and suddenly fall completely and truly in love with them. If she recognized her feelings for Keefe, they'd be a schoolyard crush as well, because she reacts almost the same when he compliments her as she does with Fitz. Yeah, Sophie thinks he's good-looking, but she thinks that about Keefe too. She cares about Fktz's safety and well-being, and she cares about Keefe's as well. I'm not saying any one ship is better, I'm just pointing out that Sophie's feelings for Keefe are/were also a "simple crush", so I don't think it's quite fair to diminish her feelings for Fitz when they matched her feelings for Keefe.

Hope I didn't offend anybody, I just thought I'd point that out

I don't think everybody thinks it's a school yard crush--I for one don't. However, the point we try to get across is Sophie liked Fitz from the start before he showed her this magical world (though that helped quite a bit) because he looked hot. Of course, she thinks Keefe is good looking too, but she overlooks him because of her infatuation with Fitz. I don't not ship Fitzphie just because of this reason--it's almost irrelevant since she thinks all boys in the lost cities are cute, even Dex whom she clearly rejected (oof I am so sorry Dex).

One thing think makes Sokeefe better is the way that they both approach the relationship. They both care so much about Sophie. It's unfair to say that Keefe cares more about Sophie than Fitz, because it's not true. What is true in our opinion is that Keefe is better at knowing what's best for Sophie and knowing what she wants. 

Fitz is very pressuring. Keefe isn't. Look at Sophie and Fitz's relationship and Keefe and Sophie's relationship, as well as the reactions from the boys at the other. Multiple times throughout the books we see Fitz get jealous at anytime Keefe hangs out with Sophie, and in doing so he (unintentionally or intentionally, I do not know) makes Sophie uncomfortable. Of course, Keefe has gotten jealous too, its an emotion that everyone experiences. He just handles it a lot better. Sometimes he let's it shine through a bit more (Why's fitzy coming? Hot date? - Nightfall) than other times, but he never glares at Fitz or tries to make a move on Sophie in front of the other. But seriously I am not over that Legacy scene, it makes my blood boil. ​​​​​​​

Fitz in Legacy is kind of a jerk, but like your next post said, he tried. But I don't think he tried his best. Sophie's definitely not ready for a relationship, she needs to learn to do her part. She has too much to do, in her defense, to commit. She completely ignored Fitz as you said, but there was a reason. The matchmaking. Anytime they would talk about it, Sophie kept saying she was unsure, and that she thought it was unjust and wrong, and he would always go into that, "You're going to still register, aren't you? I really hope you register." 

Now this kind of behaviour is normal, but she wasn't sure. She had the right not to, and I'm sure he thought he was being sweet. But he was pressuring her, and eventually that scared her into not talking to him, and that spiraled out of control from there. 

I don't hate Fitz, sometimes he just really annoys me. And he's definitely not my favourite character. I don't ship Sophitz. But yeah, you're right. Don't ship bash, they're not a school yard crush (they dated after all), and that all characters deserve respect, even if they make many mistakes. Sorry if I offended you, I'm a very proud Sokeefe shipper.

-Lady Sassyfur 

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