<divclass="quote">Starcloud3 wrote:
Yeah, I don't really like the "He deserves Sophie" argument</div> OK, I know this comment was posted a while ago but I just wanted to say that as a very strong Sokeefe shipper, even I don't like this argument. But there are so many reason for why Sophie and Keefe deserve each other. It's not just a one-way thing in my opinion. They work so well together, they understand each other in a way that Fitz and Sophie never really can, and they just have all of the right parts to a good relationship (minus the fact that Sophie doesn't know that Keefe likes her and doesn't realize that she likes Keefe!), whereas Sophitz has a few, um, unhealthy parts to their relationship. At least when they were dating-kind-of-sort-of. But as friends​​​​​​​, I think the Sophie and Fitz relationship is really nice! But I don't want to hurt feelings or spark a ship war or anything like earlier in the comments, so I'm just going to say bye now!! 😉

- Musical Moonlark

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