^Ok, nice---

I'm bored so I'll elaborate:

5.) Fitz is Smarter

Keefe got 2nd place for school testing. Is that not good enough? Of course it isn't.  And if we're going to grade intelligence based on something that Fitz is "perfect" and Keefe falls behind in marginally. I'm not sure this is what you're saying, but when you look at actual applied intelligence you find that Keefe solves problems and sees things with a diffferent more perceptive perspective than Fitz. Honestly I feel that it doesn't matter who is smarter though given that if someone's a genius jerk (nothing meant to be implied), you wouldn't like them, so the fact you don't mention kindness is something interesting.

6.) Yep. And he came back every time. He thought he was doing the best he could. Well everyone's been over this by now. Plus in my view, Fitz betraying plans or near killing Alvar is also betraying Sophie. Whenever he's rude too. 


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