Okay, I need some advice. The book I'm writing isn't very good, at least plot wise. Is started it about 3 and a half years ago, and the plot u kind of established was bad. And so no matter how good the storytelling is, its not going to be good. At one point I was really into fantasy, so I wrote about elves. This was before I read about keeper. And now if I even do anything in regards to world building, I think even subconsciously in plagerizing it. And Lady Cadence? One of my characters was named that before Shannon's. It was perfect for that character, because it was subtle (the word cadence means the flow or rythm of music) and  I didn't want to name her melody, or something like that because it doesn't fit and sounds lame.

The worst part is writer's block. I literally wrote in monthly intervals. I recently was writing more because people wanted to me to finish my keeper fanfic, but it took me fourteen days to just get up and force myself into the chair of my desk, where I wrote, and deleted and stared at a blank piece of digital paper. I don't think my writing gets worse, which is weird, but my writing skills don't go down. And it helps when I read, I pick up things in the back of my mind.

I can only assume all of you have had writer's block as well, so do you have any tips to cope with it? Also, what should I do about my book? Sorry for all these questions, I've just been waiting to ask these questions and vent for a long time.

-Lady Sassyfur 

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