So I just got (this is not his real name I'm just going to call him this) Evan's phone number, and my sister is being so nosy about it. I get into the car after math bowl practice: she tries to grab the paper from me, and she laughs as I say it's a boy. What's so wrong about having a boy's phone number. And the worst thing is, I don't have a phone and I don't know my mom or dad's phone number so I gave him my house phone number. And my sister could awnser it. And if she finds out, she can tell her annoying friend and they will probably make me die of emmbarisment. All I want is to be a normal kid with some friends who I can talk to. It's so annoying that my parents gave HER a phone, when they know that I should get it because I'm the more responsible one and I'm the oldest. And she is 7. I'M A COUPLE YEARS OLDER THAN HER SO WHERE IS THE LOGIC IN THAT!?!?


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