Julihorse wrote:
Look, I remember you telling me about you liking your other friend, and you know what? If you trully wanna go with him, just tell him, in a really sweet tone, that you'd like to go as friends and not as a couple. Look, I can tell that your overthining the situation. I do that, so don't try to deny it, alright? Try to get your mind of it, and its NOT going to be awkward if you go as friends, alright? You can even go together with your other friends as a group so it doesen't feel awkward. And, I know what your dealing with right now, okay? As I said, maybe I haven't been in THAT particular situation, but I can relate to how you feel in the inside. And I know you think this is the most awkward thing in your life, and that its the worst thing that could happen to you, but . . . its not, okay? I know this is will not make sense, and you might even get mad at me for saying this, but people have dealt with way harder stuff than this, and they've gotten through it, alright? ):D And I think you should talk about all off this with the person that you trust most. And with that, I don't mean the person you WANT to trust most, I mean the one that you KNOW you do but don't want to admit it. It doesen't have to be your parents, alright? It can be a friend, or a counselor, or your favorite teacher, or your sister or brother or anyone! ):D I just want you to know that your not the only one that's going through this stuff, and that you NEED to talk to someone, okay? You have no idea how much talking can help, believe me.

The thing is, I will start feeling guilty over somethings sometimes. If I say no, I'll feel guilty. So I think I have my decision. But another thing is, someone started a rumor about me saying that I said yes to him when I haven't even responded yet. Either they went through my backpack, and found my little yes paper and thought it was my response to it or they thought I was holding it off because I don't want to say yes, even though they think I really do. And even if I say yes or no, there will be a rumor going around if suddenly things get awkward between us. And the worst thing is, almost the whole grade knows that he likes me. So, if things get awkward,there will be a rumor.


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