WELCOME TO THE WHEN YOU NEED TO TALK CLUB. for people who just need or want to talk. did something bad happen? TALK ABOUT IT!  did you get something new? is there news? TALK ABOUT IT! are you feeling blue? 'TALK ABOUT IT! are you just bored and talking for no real reason? TALK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!! or just talk? idk. But anyway, Talk your heart out! Spill the beans! Speak your mind! WRITE LIKE YOUR RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!!!!!(hamilton reference XD) and if you don't want to talk, we get it. however we are LGBTQ friendly, and religion friendly, also regular friendly too. and if you arn't those, don't make rude comments about it. Anyway, have fun. and as a bonus, we can help you ease up to coming out of your shell if you arn't ready to talk about it irl. but have fun! happy Chatting!!!!


Members: everyone who posts on here
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