Plus, it got announced that there IS going to be a Ant-Man three (Go, Luis and your story-telling skills) AND and Thor 4.

Plus plus, I have a younger sister who's like 8 or something and she used to hate Marvel (mostly because I'm obsessed with it and can't shut up about it) so we wanted to watch a movie together and I'm like "Ant-Man doesn't have that much killing and has only little minor swear words!". So she's like "Okay, whatever helps you sleep at night." (she didn't say that but bassically meant that). So, then she watched it and said it was her favorite movie EVER. And I'm like "Who hates marvel now?Hmm?" So yesterday we started watching Ant-Man and The Wasp and were like half way through and she said she loved it so far.I'm so proud I made her a marvel fan that I thought I should share it with you guys. 

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