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'''"Agent Coulson report" Phil's ear com buzzed.'''
'''"Agent Coulson report" Phil's ear com buzzed.'''
'''"I've gotta go, Fury's up my ass again"'''
'''"I've gotta go, Fury's up my a** again"'''
'''"The same Fury who can hear you" Fury muttered over the com'''
'''"The same Fury who can hear you" Fury muttered over the com'''

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This is a fanfic I wrote because I love Nat's and Clint and also Coulson's friendship (but mostly just Clint being an over-protective brother to Nat). I just love these characters, so I cooked this little something up. Hope you like it but it's probably too Cliche, too Cringey and too horrible (emphasis on the too part)

  Clint and Coulson talked in hushed tones as they rushed inside a more secure room.

'Barton, how many times do I have to tell you that you cannot use new recruits as your personal punching bags. You're really lucky Fury has no idea about this !' Phil whispered trying to seem intimidating

'Awwww, really ! I was just getting them familiar to SHIELD and it's 'accident-prone ways' Clint complained.

Phils snorts 'You and your stupid methods, no wonder we're having a hard time gaining recruits. Look, I'm covering up for you this time and only this once. You do it again and it's on you, you know how much Fury hates this stuff"

"Makes it all the more fun, pissing Fury off, that's great"

"Look I don't have enough time for this but that's not what I called you fo -"

"-Does that mean I'm free to go-"

" Just shut up for once and listen to me ! Look, I heard Abbington's gonna try and ask Nat out " Phil whispered quickly

"What - Abbingto- that loser, no way, nope, that's not gonna happen !! I'm gonna go talk to him right now ! " Clint balled his fists

"Fine, go and do whatever you want and I'm only saying this because I care for Nat and also because I refuse to deal with an over-protective Agent Barton in Strike team Delta mode." Clint rolled his eyes." But umm..... also don't go full out on him, I need him on a mission next week" Phil explained knowing full well what was about to happen as Clint exited the room.

"Hey you know where Abbington is ?" Clint asked the nearest recruit who instinctively backed away .

"Yeah, he went to the com room" The man muttered staring at the ground.

"Thanks buddy" Clint patted him on the back, making him jump in the air

Clint however paid no attention and headed to the 'com room'.

"To late to tell Abbington I said goodbye, right ?!" Another recruit muttered in the the yound man's ear.

The new recruit shifted his attention to the older man "Why ?"

"Hawkeye looking for you with a not-so-friendly glare on his face, don't need to be a genius with 150 iq to figure out that that's bad news"

" What did I just do !?" The recruit buried his face in his hands.

"Hey guys, mind clearing out the room for a couple minutes ? Me and dear Abby have some talking to do" Clint adresses the people working in the com room, in a tone that said 'I'm not asking'

"Ye-yeah, Totally, we don't wanna disurb yours and Abby's little ta-tal-talk time. Do we ? " One of the agents hesitantly chuckled as the others shuffled out of the room.

Nat and Coulson silently stared at Abbington wrapped in bandges, lying in the med bay.

"Is this the part where you tell me that you regret handing over matters to Clint ?" Natasha asked Coulson who turned to look at her with a slightly amused gaze

"-And ruin the fun, no way. Though I guess, I should've specified what I meant full out. I'm gonna need someone else to fill up for him next week." Phil chuckled

"Yeah, I guess that's what you get when you have a over-protective best friend like Clint"

"I'm still not sure if Abbington's more miserable about getting beaten up by Clint or by not being able to ask you out" Coulson replied actually pretending to be puzzled.

Both fall out laughing hard.

"Hey it's a med bay, you can't laugh here" Nat swats Phil's arm, making them both laugh even more.

"Agent Coulson report" Phil's ear com buzzed.

"I've gotta go, Fury's up my a** again"

"The same Fury who can hear you" Fury muttered over the com

"Go !" Nat nudged Phil out of the door.

" You know this is not as bad as the time you beat up Larry, or Startmore or Kevin " Nat said, sensing Clint behind her

"Only because Coulson told me not to go full out on him" Clint told Natasha innocently

"-And for an agent, you are horribly bad at sneaking" Nat said

"Who said I was trying to sneak" Clint answered, Nat raised her eyebrows "Fine, maybe I was but that's not the point" Nat smirked truimphantly

"So, what'd you do this time"

"The usual old, just a had a chat" Clint grinned

"I'm not sure if it was so much chatting, if it was more physical than verbal"

"I consider it the same thing, atleast he knows not to mess with you now"

"Yeah, being beaten up by a master assasin is not something to be easily forgotten"

" HA ! You called me a master assasin and don't try to deny it, cause I heard it !!!!!!" Clint sang happily

"I didn't-" Nat began ...

"Yeah you did"

"Oh my god, you are such a jerk" Nat glared at him

"A jerk who you love" Clint told her cheekily

"Shut up" Nat smiled elbowed Clint in the ribs as he laughed

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