Iggy-and-Mallowmelt wrote:
Ok y’all are being psychic demons I just have straight brown hair and brown eyes. That’s it. And then with your eye color descriptions you’re being like, “my eyes are the color of the deep ocean blue, the color of the sky on a stormy winter night, the color of a beautiful midnight sky.” (Btw this is a joke rant please don’t think I’m attacking you XD)

And then I’m just here like, “my eyes are the color of that squishy thing you just stepped in.”

Same XD light-ish brown eyes, straight and short brown hair. Only special thing about it is I've got natural highlights in my hair cuz I'm mixed. But my other friends are like you all, with pretty eyes and hair. My friend from spain has sky blue eyes and blond hair (the colors are all different with blondies) and my italian friend has the most gorgeous eyes. I think she's got central heterochromia; the outside is brown and the inside is green, like some sort of explosion.

-Lady Sassyfur

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