This is my club for all Neverseen members! (Hence my name) If you want to join then just message me. P.S. NEVER under ANY circumstances, bring up Dimitar.


1. GiselaSencen (Founder)

2. Berlynn.the.pyrokinetic (Member/Collective)

3. FakeMintie (Member/Secret Agent Minnow)

4. AudraCallieVacker (Member Madeline)

5. A FANDOM user (Member/Secret Agent)

6. FintanPyren (Member)

7. SilvenyandKeefe (Member Fanny)

8. A FANDOM user (Member Potato)

9. The Bibliomaniac

10. Lunabeth Foster

11. AlexJeanEastend

12. LordKeefeHunkyhairSencen

13. Keefester4evr

14. Watcher

15. Ahsoka

16. AliensArePotatos (Lemon)

17. Diathe13

18. Trista The Hydrokinetic

19. Bernice Darkcat

20. Iron maiden is lit




24. Chicken tornado

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