Hello everyone!

I've noticed a large amount of clubs and groups have been formed on the wiki, so I decided to make a place for clubs to hang out and find new members. It's also a useful way for us administrators to keep track of the clubs!

So, if you have a club, you can post a topic for it here where the club members can discuss and other users can find clubs to join!


  1. If your club is not open to new members, please put [CLOSED] in the title so other users know.
  2. Please provide a basic description of who your club is for and any rules you have for joining.
  3. Clubs should not be exclusive. You are welcome to close a club if it has a lot of members or for another practical reason, but this board is not the place for clubs like "People Who Go to (School)." You are also welcome to have basic rules for who can join your club—after all, a club is for certain kinds of people—but please try to keep them welcoming of other users.
  4. Please only make one topic for your club. If your topic is getting out of control because of the amount of posts, ask an administrator to close the topic and add [ARCHIVED] to the start of the topic's name. Then you can make a new one.
  5. Note that the normal wiki policies apply about kindness, no cursing, no mature content, etc.
    1. Our normal policy on spamming applies as well. Please do not spam club threads, especially with the intention of breaking them. (Threads "break," or close, at 500 posts.)
  6. Before creating a club, message an administrator or comment on this thread the name, description, and rules for approval.
  7. Don't message users recruiting them for the club that haven't shown interest unless they have the ClubRecruiting template on their profile. If they don't have it, but seem interested in recruitment, you may suggest they add it.
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