It’s 3 am in the morning, you can’t fall asleep, your phone is on, and you’re browsing the Internet. You hop on the KOTLC fandom wiki, but alas, nobody seems to be on. It’s too early for chatting.

...Or is it?

Welcome to the Insomniacs Club, where those of us who like to stay up way too long when they should be sleeping gather together to chat with each other when there’s nobody else to talk to.

There’s no need to ask to join or leave, you can come and go as you please. Sometimes, people will go through periods of time where they can’t sleep before reverting back to normal, you know?

Just come in, see if anyone’s up, and enjoy a good chat with someone. By the way, this should only be active during night-time hours and early mornings. Also, the name of the club doesn’t mean you must have insomnia, it’s just a cool name.

Nobody will hold anything potentially rude or insensitive against you. Everyone’s kind of grouchy and dazed, some things just slip out and you don’t realize the severity of you words. Despite that, we have a few ground rules:

1. Don’t post anything with the intention to harm someone in any form. There’s a difference between “You have red hair? Huh, that’s weird...” and “You’ve got red hair? Wow, that’s stupid and bright and ugly.”

2. Don’t bring up sensitive topics. You know what I’m talking about.

3. At this point, you should know what other rules you should be following, it’s all kind of just common sense.

Your fellow-can’t-sleep KOTLC fan,


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