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Bo and Ro is the relationship/marriage between Botros and Romhilda. In Book 7: Flashback, it is learned that King Dimitar arranged their marriage, performed the ceremony himself and gave them matching tattoos. King Dimitar arranged this marriage to protect his two strongest warriors so they wouldn't fight for power but would instead rule together. This doesn't appear to be working considering that both Ro and Bo believe that they should be the one to fight. Ro wants to work with the citizens and have Bo work with the soldiers because she doesn't like dealing with soldiers.

Bo and Ro despise each other, and there have been many cases in which Ro has threatened her "hubby", as she called him flatly once.

The Ballad of Bo and Ro is a poem made by Keefe with the intent to tease Ro.

Names[edit | edit source]

  • Bro (B/o and Ro)
  • Robot (Ro and Bot/ros)
  • BoRo (Bo/Ro)
  • RoBo ( Ro/Bo )

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