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JustKassidi JustKassidi 12 hours ago

Convincing you to read my fantasy wattpad book

Yes I’m doing this. Yes I realize I advertise this a lot, but I haven’t done something in detail. I’m doing both pros and cons bc there’s definitely things in it that are off lol


-tons of lgbtq+ rep (like half of the characters are adsfdgdh)

-42 chapters (if that’s ur thing)

-2nd book currently being written

-I’ve been making a detailed wiki for it (https://giftseries.fandom.com)

-Not all the characters are deep emo 16 yr olds (this bugs me a little so I didn’t write them all like eloquent teenage six of crows characters adsfdg).

-enjOyAblE characters

-I actually make all the plot points connect to each other. Note that some connect to the second book or way later on

-According to my friend, “it has immaculate vibes”


-Small chapters (if t…

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ZaraOfArendelle ZaraOfArendelle 12 hours ago

I honestly don't know what to title this

But this is a reminder to always be kind

On the fandom specifically

Tone on the internet is freakin hard so you HAVE to be careful about what you say because it can really hurt someone

Anyways yeah spread kindness

leaves since this was really random*


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KeeperHamilTEN KeeperHamilTEN 15 hours ago

Hi,Im new!

Hi. Yup, as you can see in the title i'm new. To Fandom. I love KOTLC (Keeper of the Lost Cities) and Hamilton. So I Mashed up my two favorite things and created my username. So,yea. Bye,

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HumansCanWinElves HumansCanWinElves 15 hours ago

Not a story

If you know me, you may already be able to tell that I'm obsessed with OP characters lol. I don't have a plot for this, not yet at least, and I'm not planning on one since I already have a fanfic in progress and a started story.

So in short, the following is not a story, just introducing a character. I may or may not add other scenes, depending mainly on mood.

I have put down the last four crates, and smiled "That's it."

"Thank you so much, Kyla." said Mr. Jonas, the schools caretaker, "I owe you a lot, you have saved me hours of hard work. How are you doing that?"

"It's alright," I said, somewhat embarassed, "and I really don't know how. I would like to know too."

I really do, it's kinda frustrating. I mean, I don't want to complain, but would…

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Forest200 Forest200 20 hours ago

About FandomDsktop

Note: I don't mean to offend or guilt trip anyone so I'm really sorry if I come off that way. And most of this is my opinion and you're allowed to disagree.

I'm not trying to defend Fandom just saying what I think.

So I've seen a lot of people talk about how the legacy platform was being changed to fandomdesktop. And most of them are negative so I decided to write about it with both the bad and the good.

So there have been a lot of talk about how the new update makes it harder to use fandom and also how it doesn't look good. I agree with quite a bit of what everyone has said but I have some things that I disagree with.

The things people have been saying and my opinion on it:

  1. The colours look bad with the background of most wikis. I have to agre…

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WanderlingAlone WanderlingAlone 1 day ago

I Doubt Anyone Stalks This But...

I'm coming back.


With a new fanfic as well.

Also yAy!

It will be called From The Ashes and I am working extra hard to make it the best I can, which includes making a 'back cover' summary, an actual cover, and longer, more in-depth chapters that will take longer to put together but will be absolutely worth it when they come out. I won't be as dedicated to the Fandom as I used to be, but I'll be back for fanfictioning (which, by the way, I am convinced writing is my 'calling' xD) and honestly that's good enough for me. I doubt many people even realized I was gone since not many people knew me, but I'm back for those who did :D And I look forward to the torture in the future!

- Eviling/WanderlingAlone/Eia

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Pink Lipstick: An Alina, Alden, and Della Fanfiction

Okay. Today’s the day.

My eyes popped open at exactly 3:45 AM, and I snapped up, ready to start the day.

Today was the Final Exam for Level Six, and I needed to come out on top of the class. Getting anything less than that was out of the question.

Most prodigies had spent the last six years dating, flirting, making friends. I, of course, wasn’t one of those prodigies. I had a perfect image to keep up, and friends just took away from that. I guess I had friends back in the first few years of Foxfire, but all they did was go behind my back and spread rumors about how much surgery I had gotten on my face and body. Like, I wear makeup, but we all knew that my parents would never let me get surgery, even if my life depended on it.

I took a cold sho…

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Prattleslover Prattleslover 1 day ago

A random rant

Ah. Why hello there. I see you have stumbled across this blog post *smiles creepily* lucky you. So here I’m just going to rant about stuff. Feel free to rant in the comments.

Here we go.

~family things~ (Tw: covid)

ugh. So, because of COVID my dad has to work from home (like lots of people do). In our house, there isn’t anywhere for him to work (like an office or something). How did my parents solve that issue may you ask? He started to work in my room. At my desk. And the only reason my room was the lucky room was because I’m the youngest and my opinion, apparently, doesn’t matter to anyone.

I have to leave my room at about 9am every morning until about 7pm. Then sometimes he will have more work to do later on in the evening so he leaves his th…

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Goldy-Empress Goldy-Empress 3 days ago

Golden- Fitz Vacker angsty fanfic

TW: Depression, anxiety, spiraling, Mentions of not eating? Recounted moments from Flashback (Alvar) Toxic household environments, bullying. (I think that's it?)

Description: After Keefe runs away, Fitz decides to head to the Forbidden Cities to find him. Fitz happens to run into a human girl, who offers to keep an eye out for Keefe- but things aren't ever that simple.

You get insights on Fitz's life that I hope might convince some of you that he's not just a ball of rage. : )

Chapter 1.

Fitz’s chest felt tight as bile rose in his throat.

Sophie had hailed him the moment she found Keefe’s letter. She paced her bedroom, flowers crunching under her feet.

“Have you tried to hail him?” Fitz asked. It was a stupid question, he knew- but it was possib…

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TheSilverCrane TheSilverCrane 4 days ago

c!Loki Lore Post

So, as you may or may not have seen, I sometimes refer to “lore” about myself. So, it’s time to explain that for those who don’t know.

I occasionally roleplay as myself, in-character, on this account. That version of myself is what I’m referring to as c!Loki, or character!Loki. When I’m roleplaying as c!Loki, that’s not really IRL me memeing around and posting, if that makes sense?

Anyways, here’s the “lore” for c!Loki so far:

-We have three people, each in different worlds, all mortals.

-The first one, Kian, was the head captain for his kingdom. When the king exiled him for a crime he didn’t commit, he grew to resent the kingdom and its rulers. Several years later, he made an attempt to overthrow the kingdom with a group of people who shared …

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Keeper of the Lost Cities: Infinty War

Having acquired the Elysian Core–one of the six Steller Core–from the Atlantis, mastermind of the Neverseen Frissian and his lieutenants: Gethen, Trix, Vespara, and Ruy, intercept the transportation ship carrying the several Emissaries. After subduing them, Frissian extracts the Acheron Core. Frissian also kills a Emissary after he sends Norene to Earth using Leaping Crystals. Frissian and his lieutenants leave, destroying the transportation.

Norene lands in Everglen. He warns Alden and Forkle about Frissian' plan to trap the humans in the Sanctuary, and they recruit Fitz Vacker. Gethen and Trix arrive to retrieve the Nyx Core from Everglen, drawing Wylie Endal's attention. Gethen is unable to take the Nyx Core due to an ancient technology…

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Violinist37 Violinist37 6 days ago


So...hey y'all. This is just an announcement to say that I'll be going on a hiatus to focus on school at least until December or so. I'll check my mw every couple days, but other than that I'll be inactive. I'm not leaving immediately though, I'll be on until August 3.

Email: aurelia.e.6132013@gmail.com

^ill be fairly active on this

Just some messages for friends (no particular order)-

aish, I'm going to miss everyone so much

Zara- Youre such an amazing person, your coding has developed from ground up too. Honestly, you've made my day on multiple occurances. When you responded to my message when I was welcoming new users, whenever you complimented me on anything- gaysaldjsoalsaas you're so awesome, swaggy, iconic,,, ilysm, *hugs*

Sierra- remembe…

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FluffyIggyMonster FluffyIggyMonster 7 days ago

Analysis of Sophie's Platonic Relationships

This is mainly about the flaws!

Sophie's platonic relationships have a lot of flaws, most of which mainly start with Sophie neglecting her friends - if they even are friends anymore.

Remember: This is just my thoughts not yours. If you disagree thats fine!

Also I don't really know how these friendships are since there is a breaks in between the books in which these relationships could have progressed or fallen apart. I am just judging based on the series.

People in platonic relationships with Sophie, that I am going to talk about:

1. Dex

2. Biana

3. Linh

4. Tam

5. Marella

6. Wylie

7. Stina

[Note: I am not including Fitz and Keefe since they are the main love interests.]

Congrats if you read the entire analysis! Do you agree with what I've written? Disagr…

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Iced.blxe.tea Iced.blxe.tea 7 days ago

maybe i can actually do this

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Confectionary-coast Confectionary-coast 8 days ago


Hi guys, sorry I have been inactive for a really long time. My friend entered a competition against hundreds of people (mostly adults) and made it into the top ten. She currently relies on public voting and since she cannot promote it via social media (because she is underage) she needs help via word of mouth. Could you guys please help her out by voting https://woobox.com/ejc4so her one is the fruit one with 12yrs beside it.

thx so much guys!

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CouncilOfWaffleAlts CouncilOfWaffleAlts 8 days ago



Sophie could practically hear the frown in Grady’s voice.

“Yeah? What is it?” she said.

“Somebody is here to see you.”

“Alright— coming.”

Sophie walked down the stairs, a furrow in her eyebrows. Who could it be?

There was a woman at the door. She had blonde hair and brown eyes. In a way, she reminded Sophie of herself.

“Sophie?” The woman’s voice was eager and excited.

“Who’re you?”

“My name is Shannon.” She squealed a bit. “Oh my gosh, you’re exactly how I imagined you!”

She pulled something out of a satchel that was slung over her shoulder, and handed it to Sophie.

“What… what is this—”

Sophie stopped talking. It was a human book, by the looks of it. It was called “Keeper of the Lost Cities.”

A chill went down Sophie’s spine.

She and Dex wer…

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CouncilOfWaffleAlts CouncilOfWaffleAlts 8 days ago

*rick roll noises*

“Keefe! Keefe!” Fitz said, knocking on the door of Candleshade. He always hated going to Candleshade. It was just so dark and gloomy. He much preferred Everglen.

The door swung inward. It was Cassius. He sighed, seeing Fitz. “Keefe!” he yelled. “Fitz is here!”

A minute later Keefe was leading Fitz up to his room. His room was in a state of disarray, with everything scattered around the door.

“So, what’s up?” Keefe asked, plopping down onto a chair, after clearing a few books off of it.

Fitz gave a giddy smile. “I manifested!”

Keefe’s expression wavered for a moment, but he smiled. “Really? That’s great!”

“I’m a telepath! Just like my dad!”

“Wow, a telepath? Can you read my thoughts?”

“Yeah— just a second.” Fitz closed his eyes, scrunching his eye…

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CouncilOfWaffleAlts CouncilOfWaffleAlts 9 days ago

“Careful, he’s prickly!”

“Oh, Sophie,” Cassius said, hiding something behind his back. Sophie saw a tiny glimpse of it. A mirror, of course. “What are you doing here? I thought you left with Keefe-“

Sophie wasn’t dealing with this right now. ”It’s over, Cassius."

”What do you mean?”

“I meant to say, that we all know what an important member of the nobility you are.” Saying each word felt like a slap to the face. “And so, the Council wants to honor you. Follow me, I’m supposed to teleport you there!”

Cassius’s eyes widened. “I shall be there in a second. Wait for me outside.”

Sophie went outside, rolling her eyes.

A familiar voice filled her head. Fitz’s. Did he fall for it?

Hook, line and sinker, Sophie transmitted back.


Sophie facepalmed at herself. Right— It’s a huma…

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Telepath8 Telepath8 10 days ago

The Sad Truth

  • Hey y'all, it's Kyra here.
  • This story is about me and my family.
  • We face through many challenges in life, especially my younger sister, who as most of you know, has autism.
  • Hopefully, you won't cry through this story, I have a bonus for you at the end.
  • This story is sensationalized, to prevent private matters from our home to outside to all of you
  • Takes place from Christmas 2019(around when COVID-19 started in Wuhan) to around Christmas 2020
  • We'll try to update current matters, but this is hard, and I hope that all of you are safe and healthy during this pandemic.
  • A big thank you to Sienna and Ema for getting me through these tough times. I owe you a big hug! *hugs*
  • There will be telling from my point of view, Kaitline's, and Kathi's. Kathi, thank…
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FluffyIggyMonster FluffyIggyMonster 10 days ago

Why KotLC Needs Different POVs

As most of you know most of series - except some chapters in Unlocked - have been in Sophie's POV.

To me at least during books 7-8 have been limiting the possibilities this book series could have.

  • 1 What Could Have Been
    • 1.1 Biana's POV
    • 1.2 Linh's POV
    • 1.3 Dex's POV
    • 1.4 Wylie's POV
    • 1.5 Fitz's POV
  • 2 An Opportunity Lost

If we had Biana's POV during 7-8, we could have seen her struggles with her accepting the fact that she'll never look the same - with the scars. We could have seen her character grow and develop but unfortunately there wasn't her POV.

I also feel like Shannon Messenger could have promoted the "everyone is beautiful no matter what" with her POV. It would also somewhat destroy the harmful beauty standards in KotLC.

If we had Linh's POV after Book …

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Blossomjenniie Blossomjenniie 11 days ago

coding requests

oki. so. i ish starting a coding requests blog because i am insanely bored. um... fill out the form in the comments, so i can code it for you? if you have any question don't hesitate to reach out

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ThatHumanGirl24 ThatHumanGirl24 12 days ago

Finally, I have a friend badge

Okay, I finally got a friend badge

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LemonCakeee LemonCakeee 13 days ago

Wiki Family Tree Project

Okayyyyyyy. This is a HUGE Project that will begin with lots of cluttered info so PLEASE HALP!!!

So far from a thread I asked:

SwearingParrot is/was the parent of GoldenBrown Waffles

GoldenBrownWaffles is the daughter of Dadki

Charm is Fawx's Sister

At least Fawx was adopted by Floof

Linh is at least either Fawx's Parent or grandparent

Nini's Twins are:

- Ally

- Auburn

- Charm

- Kendall

- Sofie

Nini's sister is Ember

Some of Nini's children are Moey and Lynn

Nini's Parents include:

- Khadejah

- Zara

- Fin

- Rose

- Lynn

Nini is Kay's Niece

Loki is possibly Zara's parent

Zara has 20 children at least including:






Khadejah (who is also the parent of Nini 0.o)


Floof and Fin are Mira's parents

Lynn and Ruth are Mira's aunts/auncles/uncles


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OkayLalisa OkayLalisa 13 days ago

Coding Request

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WhovianandKOTLCfanatic WhovianandKOTLCfanatic 13 days ago

Love Calculator because who doesn't love those corny things

We'll work from least to most shipped.

First up is Sodex. I have no clue how this got such a high rating.

I mean, have you never read Nightfall? No disrespect to those that ship it, but seriously.

From Nightfall, pages 259-

"It wasn't a movie worthy kiss-that was for sure. Their noses bumped. Sophie's lips felt to dry. And Dex started out with a startled squeak. Then for one truly horrifying moment, it almost felt like he wasn't going to kiss her back. But he did kiss her back. And that made it...so much worse. He reached for her face, but somehow ended up tangled in her hair. And his knees crashed into hers, nearly knocking them both over. The whole thing couldn't have lasted longer than five seconds, but all Sophie could think was, Is this ov…

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Sophiana Fanfic

This is exactly what the title says, a Sophiana Fanfiction (Sophie + Biana, romantically). Short of the Prologue, which gives Biana’s summarized thoughts on her early life dealing with the perfectness of Vackers, this story will start off right at the ending of Unlocked (So spoiler alerts to anyone who hasn’t read that yet) where Sophie finds Keefe’s note. Also, be patient— it might take a little bit to get to the Sophiana parts, but they will come (Obviously! I can’t change the name of this “Blog Item”!). Additionally, I would love to hear feedback, constructive criticism, and suggestions from the comments section below (But take note: just because you suggested, gave feedback, and/or criticized, it does not mean I will take your suggesti…

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Telepath8 Telepath8 15 days ago

Sophie Vacker (Book 1)

  • 1 Foreword
  • 2 Sophie Vacker: at twenty-five
    • 2.1 What happened before
      • 2.1.1 Back to Sophie!

This is a story of Sophie and Fitz, taking place after KotLC. The other married couples are Tam and Biana, Linh and Wylie, Stina and Dex and Keefe(Single :( ) WARNING! Only for those who support this ship, you don't have to read the others unless you want to continue this story. (MAY BE ADDICTIVE-second caution)

Sophie smiled at her now beloved friend, Vertina. The mirror assisted her greatly, over the years, they had bickered and fought, but now Vertina was helping her with her final adjustments to her wedding dress. The happiest day of her life was coming the very next day! Fitz and Sophie had their kiss 2 years ago, and they were dating ever since.


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StarryStarstones StarryStarstones 15 days ago


I dont like blog posts at all like theyre blog where you post stuff? (Btw this was a dare from Zara!)

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Lady Silveny Lady Silveny 15 days ago

Tiana (an attempt)

"Hey!" Biana chirps.

"Hey, umm can I come in?"


A few minutes later

Her chocolate brown hair, was waving and it was hard to stop staring at her.


"Huh, yeah Biana."

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, fine."

"O..kay." Biana raises an eyebrow

"So what brings you here?"


Come on Tam think of something, his brain chides.

"No reason, Linh was driving me crazy."

"Alright, while you're here, why don't I show you around?"


A while later

"Umm, Biana?"


"Can you come here?"

Biana heads over, and comes close with Tam.

"What is it?"

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ReadingUnderTheStars ReadingUnderTheStars 15 days ago


So um...

I haven't been on for 1-2 days, and that's because my frickin' school computer wouldn't let me sign into my computer. Today, it finally let me sign in, and my notifs aren't working, so I won't be able to see any messages or anything, sorry if I reply late and stuff because I have no idea if I got pinged in any posts.

I'm not putting this in a blog post because no one reads my blog, so there is no point in putting this here if no one is going to read it-

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Coffee and Reading Coffee and Reading 16 days ago

Random things I do/ have done

  • Eat ice
  • collect erasers
  • act like I hate skinship but I love it
  • Act like idk anything in front of my mom
  • laugh over literally everything
  • Watch all those movies that my parents don’t let me, at 3:00 am
  • wear a mask in public even though I’m vaccinated because I don’t want to talk to anyone
  • act like a a mix of a Scorpio and an Aquarius even though I’m a Pisces
  • the first thing I do when I like something, is search up memes of it
  • Act sweet to everybody when in m head I’m plotting revenge against them for something they haven’t done yet
  • ask everybody like 50 questions when I first meet them but tell them nothing about my self
  • idk
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Lady Silveny Lady Silveny 18 days ago

I don't want to name this 2

As Sophie, Edaline, and Grady enter the forbidden cities, they said "what's that smell?"

Mr. Forkle had requsted them to come, and her parents wouldn't let Sophie go alone.

"It the pollution here." Sophie answers

But there was something else, she couldn't recognize it, but she knew what it was.

"Miss me?"

She knew that voice, and when she looked up, there was Fintan.

"Thank you for bringing me your parents Sophie, you would have done, but they'll be better", Fintan sneers.

Grady brings out a melder from his cloak.

"Grady put that away, or Sophie's human family will be dead, just one word and they'll be gone."

"You wouldn't dare." Sophie's voice is hard, she was tired of the Neverseen taunting her.

"I must say your recent stunt surprised me Sophie, I…

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Telepath8 Telepath8 19 days ago

Hey all! Five-words-at-a-time challenge!

So, @Nihanaibhay suggested this:

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Telepath8 Telepath8 20 days ago

The married couples

  • deleted
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DemolitionLover19 DemolitionLover19 20 days ago

profile ig

  • 1 Basic Stuff
  • 2 About Me
  • 3 My Favorite Bands
  • 4 Badges

Name: Andren

Pronouns: They/Them/E/Em

Nicknames: Andi, Ren, Sunscreen, make some up for me!


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WhovianandKOTLCfanatic WhovianandKOTLCfanatic 20 days ago

Being Southern doesn't make you dumb

@Romhilda made a post ([1]) and I wanted to add on to it (in a good way hopefully. And I'm not saying anything bad to her). But a lot of people are negative to anyone from this type of town. They treat us Southerners as dumb or incompetent, simply because of where we were born and raised. This has been on my mind lately, because almost everything I see about the South is all of us being made fun of or called stupid. And that just isn't true.

I have been able to out fish my older and male cousins since I was 6. I am now a teenager. My dad and I shoot or bows in the backyard for quality time together. I've shot rifles, shotguns, pistols, and BB guns. I've also shot cross bows. I own a pocket knife, and so does 4 out of my 5 siblings. I have…

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Telepath8 Telepath8 21 days ago

The washed Hydrokinetic

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so uhhh- yeah. byEeEeEeEee~

okay but- reasons:

-i’m not that active on here at all

-the place has changed a bit too much for my liking over the past few years

-my friends are almost all gone and ifl i’m just hanging in there

-my mental health has been deteriorating loads and coming online is definitely not helping at all (apart from all the care and advice y’all have given me

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Telepath8 Telepath8 21 days ago

About my blog posts: The backstory, behind the scenes, and exclusive for My friends ONLYYY

  • 1 Foreword
  • 2 Why I created them
  • 3 My posts(more to be added soon!!!)
  • 4 Backstory
  • 5 Behind the scenes(are you curious cause you're a stalker? *Points finger at stalkers*)
  • 6 If you're not my friend, you're not permitted to read below. If you breach our privacy, I will be VERY angry (you DON'T want to know what happens when I'm angry!!!)
  • 7 You can read this, stalkersss!

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Her Cinnamonrollness 2 Her Cinnamonrollness 2 21 days ago


Imma add on to this when I remember to- which might be daily, weekly, monthly, or never. Basically, I’m bored.

let the quotes… commence!


Geese are vicious greedy ankle biters that will never be satisfied until they achieve world domination and watch all of humankind burn in a fiery pit of everlasting failure

-yours truly













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Keefsterforlife Keefsterforlife 21 days ago

Tam and Biana's First Date Chapter 4

"Got em!" a familiar voice screamed while tossing back his hood, laughing, and letting go of Tam.

Tam was about to blast shadowflux into unpleasant places before he realized it was Fitz. And Keefe. And Linh.

"You scared us to death," Biana said making her way up, "I thought you guys were Gethen and Ruy."

"So, you are probably wondering how we got here," Fitz said as Tam and Biana nodded, "Well-"

"You know what, I can explain it better than Sir Fitzy," Keefe interrupted, "So Fitz invited me over and we were bored. We could not play base-quest or tackle bramble because we didn't have enough people. So, we ate for a bit and got bored of that, too. So then, Fitz told me Tam and Biana went on a date and I thought he was joking at first. So-"

"So, th…

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ReaderOfAll ReaderOfAll 22 days ago

Book Rating System

I guess I'm just going to dump this here- feel free to use this, just make sure to credit me.

Point rating system (/30):

  • Characters (Personalities) (Max 3)
    • Characters’ personalities are consistent, but slowly evolve over time. (3)
    • Characters’ personalities are mostly consistent and/or evolution is sudden (2)
    • Characters’ personalities are only slightly consistent and/or change for plot convenience. (1)
    • Characters’ personalities are based around one thing, and don’t expand from that (-.5)
    • Characters are walking stereotypes (-2.5)
    • Characters are unique and multi-faceted, despite being inconsistent (Use only if base number is a 1, +1.5)
  • Diversity & Representation (Max 6)
    • Many groups are represented, throughout all characters (6)
    • Groups the book discusses…

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WhovianandKOTLCfanatic WhovianandKOTLCfanatic 22 days ago

Neverseen Road Trip Fanfic

The minivan drove down the highway in a seemingly normal way. The other cars that passed by had no clue who was inside. The Neverseen, the most wanted group of elves in all of the Lost Cities. Lady Gisela drove the van, battling over control of the radio with Umber. Gisela preferred classical. Umber like hard-rock. The radio went back and forth, only playing a few notes before abruptly ending and playing a different song. In the middle row Brant sat beside the window with it all the way down. Flies keep buzzing through the window, hitting Fintan square in the face. As Fintan proceeds to swat the fly, he accidentally Ruy who is sitting beside him. After giving Fintan a glare of death he shouts to the front "Are we there yet?" Gisela whipped…

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RadioRebal-Shady RadioRebal-Shady 22 days ago

Introduction to FANDOM

So at the top right corner, you see a person in a circle, next to a bell, right? That's your profile picture.

If you hover above that, a dropdown box gives you options:


If you click on this, it'll take you to your profile. You (and others if wished) can edit this to tell the wiki about yourself. You can code there, too (I had my friend Finley code my pf, and Princess of the Pages has a really pretty one, too).


Idrk about this one. it basically has nothing to do with the wiki but the whole fandom platform itself by like advertising shows and stuff i think.

Message Wall:

So this is an area where others post to communicate with you. You will automatically get a notification when someone posts on here. You can also post on it, too…

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Telepath8 Telepath8 23 days ago

One day at Candleshade

Hello, I have a few things to say before I start.

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Auburnoftheswans Auburnoftheswans 24 days ago

𝐑𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐅𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐬

yeah um I am taking requests ig-




𝐀𝐧𝐲 𝐒𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐬



𝐀𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐜 𝐓𝐲𝐩𝐞:

Note: So with these, you don't have to fill it out all the way, just either color, theme, aesthetic type or vibe. I need one of those four to really help! Aesthetic type is like cottagecore, dark acedamia, and that stuff.

E.i: Color: Blue

Theme: Beach

Specifics: Surfing and sand

Words: Idc

Vibe: Idc

Aesthetic Type: Watercore




𝐀𝐧𝐲 𝐒𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐬:

𝐀𝐧𝐲 𝐏𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐬:

𝐏𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐎𝐫 𝐍𝐨 𝐏𝐨𝐬𝐭:

𝐏𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐘𝐨𝐮:

Note: Yes, I do rants. I do need a topic and I want to know if you want me to make it a post on the forums or not. And if you want to be pinged. Anything else is optional. The "Arguing" is if you want me to argue something.

e.i: Topic: Feminism

Arguing: Its good and blah …

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ReadingUnderTheStars ReadingUnderTheStars 24 days ago

Harry Support

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AnimusBeachWing123 AnimusBeachWing123 25 days ago

This wiki vs. my main wiki (just wanted to do it for some reason) (TW: You may not like this)

Well by the way I just wanted to do this for some reason



If you are easily triggered, I strongly recommend not reading this blog post.

(You may find me rude, but I have given you a trigger warning. Don't say I didn't warn you.)

(that's why I put it all the way down)

(Now. Time for the comparisons)

KotLC Wiki

(the good)

  • Really nice
  • come up with cool ideas
  • Tons of coders
  • Don't get easily triggered when not being enough specific about ships

(the neutral)

  • Roleplays & Trends are really rare (in this Era of Off-Topic, at least)
  • Gayke

(the bad)

  • Not strict enough (necroposting is allowed but it really annoys me when I go to sleep one night then the next day I wake up with like, 50 notifs [most of them from…

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SliceofPurple SliceofPurple 25 days ago

quotes; non-kotlc related

aesthetic or interesting quotes, to use without permission.


❝ don't tell me what i can and can't do. ❞

❝ being different isn't a bad thing. it means you're brave enough to be yourself. ❞

❝ do it for you, not them. ❞

❝ i told the stars about you. ❞

❝ some people feel the rain. others just get wet. ❞

❝ a dreamer, that's what they were. ❞

❝ in the end we all become stories. ❞

❝ what i create is chaos. ❞

❝ once you have tasted the sky, you will forever look up. ❞

❝ paint the sky, make it yours. ❞

❝ there's so many things i wanna say, but nah. ❞

❝ never thought this would happen, but here i am. ❞

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"The Fall of Lumenaria: Retold from the POV's of Keefe, Oralie, and Mr. Forkle"


If you’re reading this, we have FINALLY finished our fanfiction!

The following is mine and Jaycie’s version of what may have happened at the end of Lodestar from the other character’s eyes. I wrote Keefe’s perspective, Jaycie wrote from Oralie’s, and we wrote Forkle’s together, but both of us edited plenty in order to make it into one (hopefully seamless) story.

Alas, I would love to tell you the exact page numbers, but can’t access my copy at the moment.

Also, LEGACY SPOILERS. If you have not read past Legacy, CONTINUE (please don’t) AT YOUR OWN RISK.

That’s all! Enjoy!!



Keefe Sencen was FREEZING.

But that was okay. He was here, not with the Neverseen, and that’s what mattered. Besides, he deserved whatever punishment he was gett…

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