• IsitVinegar

    Some art I didz....

    September 23, 2020 by IsitVinegar

    I didz some art. Nobody gonna see this but feel free to critque!

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  • Sokeefeforlife5

    The first thing I’m going to say is:I’m REALLY sorry if that ▶️,_world%3F Blog post offended anyone. I’d delete it if I could.It was a product of me getting real, really, REALLY mad about blocking people for you-know-what.I still am not in support of that, but yes, I wasn’t exactly thinking about how that would affect people. That’s happened before.

    On a much less serious note, I have a four-day weekend, going from Friday to Monday!

    Now, it seems some emoji spam belongs here.


    Shiitake mushrooms, three spiderwebs ended up in there.(see what I did there!See it! Shiitake mushrooms! No…

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  • CLAIRE1112


    September 23, 2020 by CLAIRE1112

    Why Sokeefe is better than Fitzphie,

    here are the facts:

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  • CLAIRE1112


    September 23, 2020 by CLAIRE1112

    Hi and welcome to my blog! I'm Claire1112 but you can call me candy! i love and fully support sokeefe! 

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  • JungkookIsMyFavoriteKookie

    You might be wondering “Why does Belle care so much about BTS?” Welp I'm gonna explain why.

    When I first got into BTS I just saw it as a nice thing to listen to, but now I see it way differently. Whenever I felt bad, [Trigger warning] whenever I felt suicidal, whenever I felt like… I didn’t belong here, I just turned on BTS and It helped. It really helped. I don’t like them because of their pretty faces or their looks, I like them because of the power of their music. The thoughtfulness put into the lyrics. The power  in the lyrics shows you that they really care about us. They talk about things in their lyrics that we can all relate to. They make these lyrics like this in hope that it’ll help us. And it does. They’ve succeeded. It really do…

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  • Therealglitterbutt

    Coding advice

    September 23, 2020 by Therealglitterbutt

    So......I'm new to coding, and I'm just getting the hang of things. If you are a new coder as well, just ask your questions in the comments, and I'm sure that more experienced coders will try to help answer them. Also, I'll try to answer any questions I can!!!

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  • SuldreenSophie

    Kotlc Animated Show

    September 23, 2020 by SuldreenSophie

    Hello! I dunno if anyone will read this, but I have nothing to do (all my rps are dead), and I do have something to advertise soooooo...

    Basically there are some people that are making a Keeper of the Lost Cities animated YT show. It is fanmade, but it is really cool. I am actually on the team that creates the show, and they are looking for more voice actors. They still have most spots for characters open, you can audition from anything from main characters to one-liners. 

    It is a really great community, but anyways. Here is the link to the YouTube channel if you would like to check out the show when they start publishing! I can also answer any questions, and here is the link to the Discord if you would like to audition or help make the show…

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  • ILoveBooks12345678

    Chapter One- Sophie

    Sophie Foster watched as Councilor Oralie- Sophie's genetic mother, who helped the Black Swan (a secret organization, determined to stop an evil group of rebels called the Neverseen) create Sophie, then lied to her about it- whispered something into the cache. Then there was a series of clinking noises. The lid of the cache swung open.

    "How did you know what to say?" Sophie wondered. She thought it would take them hours to figure it out.

    "It just... came to me." She answered with a soft smile. "Once I was sure I wanted to open it, I just knew what the password was." 

    "So, how does it work? Do we like... wait for the crystal to tell us?" Sophie asked, staring at the one crystal.

    "I don't know. I don't think anybody knows. I d…

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  • Blueberryripplefluffs11

    Happy Fall!

    September 21, 2020 by Blueberryripplefluffs11
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  • SencenGirl123

    Trigger Warning

    Disclaimer- I am NOT a certified medical professional nor am I a psychologist so this is just me trying to help people. Don't take things to heart, please try not to get offended and I'm NOT certified. PLEASE DON'T take any medication before consulting a doctor.

    Hey! So, I figured that my last blog post was about unrealistic beauty standards made by Shannon, I figured it was right to write about body shaming and food disorders too. A lot of people have to go through body-shaming every day. People tell us to change our own appearance and that's wrong. Calling someone tall, short, skinny, chubby rudely is so inconsiderate. Of course, you can encourage people to exercise, but telling someone to exercise because they are fat, is …

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  • 123 no i will not say four---- oh wait

    Hello! I've found that i have some extra time and i want to spend it here!  So this is what i thinking! I'm 100% opening myself up for coding requests! I know badges of multiple types, profile customization, message wall customization, Signatures, and more! If i get a request i don't understand I SHALL GO AND LEARN! ÙwÚ

    Please fill out one of the following!




    Background color(s): WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE?


    Border Color: WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE?

    Font: CHOOSE ONE;

    Fonts that work:




    Playfair Display

    Indie Flower

    Coming Soon

    Bilbo Swash Caps

    Marck Script

    Abril Fatfa…

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  • SencenGirl123

    So, if someone doesn't agree with me, that's okay but remain respectful. Thanks

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  • Sokeefeforlife5


    September 20, 2020 by Sokeefeforlife5

    Soooo...I might make an alt.Should I? And what should their (my) username be?

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  • JaxTheShade
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  • Keeper of the lost cities2


    "Hi sophie." Ro said when she opened keefes bedroom door.

    "Hi, any changes?" Sophie had been waiting until Elwin was done checking on Keefe. He had recently been moved back into his old room for comfort since there wasn't anything actually wrong physically. Though Elwin had been checking up on him every day. "No not yet though it's good of you to come." Ro said

    "Where else would I be?" Sophie replied. And really? there wasn't anywhere she would rather be. Not right now when Keefe needed her. He'd always been there for her, and now she would be here for him. Whatever she could do. 

    "Do you think he hears us?" It took her a minute to realize she said the words.

    "Yes, I think he hears us. He knows what happens when he doesn't listed to me" Ro sa…

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  • IwantittobeChristmas
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  • SencenGirl123

    Hoping in the Frost

    September 20, 2020 by SencenGirl123

    Hi! I wrote this because I was bored. It's like a work of fiteen minutes but whatever--

    Ten-year-old Evelyn Granger was scared. It wasn't easy running away from home, especially on Christmas day. It was just two in the afternoon but she had grabbed her chance after her father had gone to lunch with his friends. She knew it was risky but it was too much, her mom had passed away and her dad...hurt her. Children at her school would make fun of her, or tease her endlessly.

    She kept walking as fast as she could, she would take breaks for about half an hour to rest but she was so scared. She was afraid her father would find her, or someone else would and hand her over. It was almost 6 in the evening when she stopped for some food. She only had a c…

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  • JungkookIsMyFavoriteKookie

    Park Jimin is a beloved member and lead vocalist of BTS. Jimin is, is loving, kind, sweet, and just straight adorable. Whenever any of the members are feeling down they go to Jimin for support.

    Jimin often gets hate comments calling him a "pig" becuase he eats to much. This is not true. Yes, he eats. Every human being does. But when he does it he's a "pig".

    He has often called himself a "pig" and once said a MV was ruined because of his face. This makes me so mad. People have broke down his coinfednce with these comments, that aren't even telling the truth. Jimin has abs for gods sake! How can a pig have abs??? Just saying.

    Fun fact: Jimin once lost in an arm westling match to Jeon Jungkook (another member of the group you shall learn about l…

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  • TheBlackSwan21006

    KOTLC Memes!!!

    September 19, 2020 by TheBlackSwan21006

    Hi guys-

    I love making memes for KOTLC, so I will post some on this blog.

    I actually have never made a blog before, so I'm a newbie at this. 

    If you can comment, do so please. 

    If you can post, do so please. 


    Although feel free to ship whomever.

    But anyway, here are my HOMEADE (not copied) memes!!!

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  • AmeliaSencen3.0

    There are a couple of theories concerning Sophie Foster's genetic father. I, for one, think Mr. Forkle is her father. He's always been there for her, and maybe he's acted non-father like to sway her in the direction of thinking he's not.  

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  • Nerdyromanticloser


    September 19, 2020 by Nerdyromanticloser

    Hi, this is my response to some people commenting that I did not come up with anything original. I wrote this with a few of other friends when Flashback had just come out. This was originally posted on Wattpad and shared on an Instagram kotlc group chat. These arguments and key points were made by myself  @Mr.Keefefoster (on instagram), @Nikkasart (on instagram), @Ice_blue_kotlc (on Instagram), and @keeperofthelostcities (on instagram). Hope you all enjoy

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  • The Purple Moonlark

    Test: Ignore This

    September 19, 2020 by The Purple Moonlark

    Welcome to Larkie's new coding guide! I'm still working on this, so don't expect me to finish this in 1 week!

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  • MidnightMoonlark

    Book Covers

    September 18, 2020 by MidnightMoonlark

    Hello!!! This is Kyla Here and I am writing this post to let you know that if you ever want a cover designed for you Fanfic's....I'm here!  I like designing things and am obsessed with Canva!! It's great fun!! Well Here's Some Examples of my work!! 

    Note: The art Is not my own. I searched up Fantasy Girl For my Background.


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  • Nerdyromanticloser

    This is a counter argument btw

    **Answering to "SOPHITZ: THE ULTIMATE ARGUMENT"**.

    ***Their argument will be underlined***

    Argument 1: Why Sophitz shouldn’t happen

    Sophitz is just more developed and real. It feels like a genuine relationship that's filled with actual trust and care, just being weakened by the circumstances. This block in Legacy offers a fantastic way for some growth in the future. Them finding a way to compromise, but understanding that they should focus on bigger things right now, despite their feelings towards one another. The mutual breakup doesn't have to mean that Sophie dislikes Fitz. 

    If we’re going to talk about feelings,…

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  • Qwerty Feuerleben

    Tam Sencen had a problem with authority. He didn't know why, but he always had. Especially his father. His father was convinced Tam was going to be as good as he was, if only Tam listened. Tam ignored him. Who cared for reputation? That was why he was dating Linh Song, a banished girl he had met at Foxfire years ago. She had been banished for flooding Alantis, but that was her parents' fault. And her brother, Keefe, had done nothing to help. He was too much of a prankster.

    --Keefe's PoV--

    "Yeah, I know where they are, Lord Cassius. Why?"

    "I need my son to stay away from your sister, boy. She's just dragging him down." Keefe nodded, pretending to be sympathetic. "So you'll tell me where they are?" The Emissary asked.

    "Sure. They're in Ravagog."…

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  • TheWittyWolpertinger

    Comics, anyone?

    September 16, 2020 by TheWittyWolpertinger

    Does anybody on here read Marvel comics and want to discuss/fangirl about them with me? My favs are Hawkeye, The Mighty Thor, and Squirrel Girl.

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  • Princess of the Pages

    Prompt: What if Alden had married Alina, not Della?


    Della applied a dark shade of red lipstick. 

    “Don’t ruin your appearance,” her mother snapped.

    Della nodded, and tried not to fidget.

    Today was the day of the match. She knew the rumours. That she dated like 5 boys in each month, and dumped them all. That she was so pretty that she’d get all the popular boys on her list, but no one knew who would be willing to date her.

    It was always the same.

    “She’s so pretty,” or “She’s sure to get Alden or Grady on her lists.”

    Della clutched the lipstick tighter. 

    If they saw her on the inside they’d change their opinion.

    Her hand started trembling.

    No, not here, she pleaded mentally.

    They had started recently, ever since her parents had started talking a…

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  • DreaminqOutLoud

    mel’s sandbox!

    September 16, 2020 by DreaminqOutLoud

    gonna use this at some point-

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  • Qwerty Feuerleben

    Della paced in front of Havenfield, glaring at it. The council had assigned her a mission with Alden, but he had yet to show up, and so she was waiting for him in front of his house. If she had any choice in the matter, she wouldn't be doing this. But when the council ordered something, you did that, no questions asked. Even when it was to go on a month-long expedition to Loamnore, the dwarven capital, with your former fiancee.

    Finally, after roughly two hours, Alden came out. "Sorry," he said, "Alina, my wife, distracted me. And you are?"

    She threw her hands up in frustration. "Seriously, Alden? What is wrong with you?"

    "Wait," he said, eyes sparkling with recognition. "Della?"

    "Did you not read the order you were sent?"

    He tugged on his sleev…

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  • Grace is a loser

    heyy guys!

    September 15, 2020 by Grace is a loser

    Hi im gracie and im literally obsessed with kotlc! I made this acc months ago, forgot about it, and know I just found it lmao. I don't know how much im gonna be on here but I just wanted to introduce myself to you guys!! have a nice day :)

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  • Song Twins water+shadows 2
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  • SilverToTheSnow


    September 14, 2020 by SilverToTheSnow

    Hi! I'm Mal's alt, I made this just to  have fun! And, yes, I've got a weird username.

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  • Princess of the Pages

    Prompt: If Biana was the only Vacker.

    Biana kept her chin high, acting proud. This was how a Vacker should look like, act like, Alden, her father had told her. Always perfect.

    She tried to make sure her lip didn’t quiver as she said “Foxfire!” 

    It was the first day of her attending Foxfire.

    “Is that...Biana Vacker?” One whispered.

    “She’s pretty.” She heard another say.

    Biana kept a regal and cold look on her face. One that didn’t look mean, but one that also said she was untouchable. As a Vacker. As the daughter of Alden Vacker. The descendent of Fallon Vacker. 

    She saw a girl with curly dark hair. She had a sneer on her face.

    Biana tried to look uninterested. Unaffected.

    “So….you’re the Biana Vacker,” she said ‘the’ with disgust.

    “Yes I am, and you…

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  • 99Sokeefe99Rules99


    Chapter 1

    Tam POV: 


    “NO! I am not kissing a Vacker” I said. I was not going to expose my feelings for Fitz IN FRONT of everyone! I mean he was just dating Sophie there was no way that Fitz was gay no way that he like me a stupid shade who joined the stupid neverseen who has a stupid name and a stupid FAMLY! Oh no...Keefe must have felt my mood swing because he just smirked at me and said “ What’s wrong Tammy Boy? To chicken?” and just started making chicken noises. Oh god no he did not! Even Lihn looked surprised she knows I CANNOT be called chicken or else they would pay. I replied “ What are you jealous of Fitz getting a kiss from me and you don’t?” I said with an awesome smirk and made kissy noises. “N…

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  • Qwerty Feuerleben

    Biana hated her parents. They made her go to the Forbidden Cities, looking for some girl who probably didn't even exist. They just wasted her time. She had to build a reputation at Foxfire. Otherwise, she'd be treated horribly. No one would do as she said. The girl she was currently stalking was in a museum. She didn't understand what the person was saying at the entrance, so she waited outside. It was boring. She had nothing to do. Wow, her parents were irritating. When the girl finally came out, Biana saw she had brown eyes. Nope, not an elf. She went into a back alley, and leaped home.

    No one else was there. So she got out some food, and watched the sunrise. It was beautiful, but not as beautiful as she was.

    --Forkle's Perspective--


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  • JungkookIsMyFavoriteKookie


    September 13, 2020 by JungkookIsMyFavoriteKookie

    I'm leaving

    I'm sorry

    But it distracts me so much from school

    And i really want good grades

    I'll message you guys my goodbyes because I want them to be private.



    For the last time,

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  • Gahyeontheworld

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  • Qwerty Feuerleben

    I NEED YOU to get my parents out of here,” Sophie said to Sandor and Grizel as Dex used his modified melder to seal the door to the gorgodon’s chamber. Grady had warned them that the beast wouldn’t stay stunned for long.

    Later, she would ask Grady why he kept mumbling “never again, never again, never again” and glancing at Sophie’s hands—but at the moment . . .

    “I know what you’re going to say,” she told Sandor, “but we have to find Biana—and my parents need to get to a Physician—and you and Grizel can carry them back to city level way faster than any of us can.”

    “How will they get out of here?” Tam asked. “Isn’t the door blocked by water?”

    “The fountain is dry,” Linh corrected. “I called every drop to fight the gorgodon.”

    “Okay,” Sophie said, …

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  • HermioneDizzneediAngelo

    Important Threads:

    Kind words from Krystal

    That random fander thread XD

    Depressing badges

    More Sophitz reasons 1

    More Sophitz reasons 2

    To remember why you ship Sophitz

    Jax's version of KotLC

    Epic fanfic brainstorming thread (with Stormy)

    Daily Somethings Thread 1

    Emotional Support Thread 1

    Emotional Support Thread 2

    Summer's Kam cuddles thing

    The Wristband Thread

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  • SencenGirl123

    Bronte's POV
    Bronte strutted around the human city, disgusted by the smoke, poverty and the unkindness of the place. The place was up in flames, but Bronte just needed to finish his job here and leave.
    Alden Vacker wanted to testify that this city's fires were Everblaze, he passed a museum and didn't know whether he was appalled or amused by the ideas of humans.
    He saw a group of children gathered around in a corner, he neared them. As revolted, he was with the state of the human world, he couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if the elves and humans still had a bridge that connected them. But they were traitors
    He still neared them and saw some other children enter the room. A blonde girl rubbed her temples slowly. She shut her e…

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  • Lil Sky The Bookworm
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  • Lil Sky The Bookworm

    My Friends

    September 12, 2020 by Lil Sky The Bookworm
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  • Princess of the Pages

    Prompt: What if Sophie was found by a counclior insted of Alden/Fitz? You can chose any counclior and if you have any questions let me know! 

    Oralie’s POV:

    The pink flowers that were lined alongside Oralie’s castle looked especially pink that day. Or maybe it was just Oralie.

    “Oralie!” She heard a voice say.

    She nearly jumped as she saw Kenric come up to her. “Oh, hi Kenric,” she greeted.

    Then she looked around, just to make sure no one was watching. Since they were councillors, they couldn’t have a romantic relationship. There technically was an option, but that would mean giving up your seat on the Council, and Oralie knew that Kenric would sacrifice their…. relationship if it meant being able to change their world for the better.

    Oralie, on t…

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  • Novaflamelight

    Sophie Foster sighed and followed her class through the museum. As Mr. Sweeny droned on and on and on about dinosaurs, Sophie hung back. This exhibit didn't have as many humans so she was hoping she could get a break from her headaches. Unfortunately, the walls were thin (who ever designed them was a jerk) and thoughts seeped through the walls and spilled into her mind. 

    As she waited for her class to filter out of the exhibit, she noticed someone reading a newspaper. The very newspaper that had her face on it. 

    Sophie cowered behind her hair, hoping no one would recognize her. 

    The person reading the newspaper looked up, and Sophie observed the amount of jewels she was wearing: Quite a few. 

    Blonde hair fell to her shoulders in curls and she …

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  • Qwerty Feuerleben

    Councilor Kenric loved walking and talking with the people, and sometimes even humans. Although elven beauty often angered humans, his kindness and friendliness offset that. Currently, he was in San Diego. It was a city larger than any the elves had, but nowhere near the largest of the humans. He usually walked here, and rarely had a problem with anything. However, there was a strange-smelling smoke in the air. He frowned. He was often outside, but right now, it would be best to go inside. Oh, and a history museum! This should be fun.

    He ventured inside, and was one of the only people at that attraction, which was what they thought a dinosaur looked like. There was a youg girl there, studying it. He leaned closer to her. "Do you really thin…

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  • Creeper's Home


    September 11, 2020 by Creeper's Home

    This is for my signature. 

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  • ElvenCorgi123

    Supernatural vs. Vampire Diaries...

    Okay, so here are the guidelines:

    We're doing show edition for both, 'cause for SPN the books are generally obscure and also I'm only halfway through the TVD books

    I'm pretty sure they would end up being friends, honestly- Like, if it was JUST Salvatores vs. Winchesters, I'm pretty sure the fight would get nowhere because Dean would just be protecting Sam and everybody knows you don't hurt Sam if you want to live

    In order to be on the lists for each fandom, the character has to appear in at least two episodes

    Vampire Mythos For Each:

    Werewolf Mythos For Each:


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  • Malrules5


    September 11, 2020 by Malrules5

    Should I change my username? Comment below.And if you have any ideas, comment them too! I will pick my favorite three and you can vote for which one I choose.

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  • TheShadeInflictorNightmare

    Ok so I always got annoyed when other people couldn't decide whether to leave or stay and made a lot of blog posts about it, but that became me. Anyway, this time it's real. I won't allow myself to come back on for a month. Do whatever with my rp characters, and the clubs I own(though they are all inactive). Thank you for helping me, wiki. I really appreciated it. 

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