• Snowfur ta Murcat
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  • Sokeefeforlife5

    Rating Ships

    July 3, 2020 by Sokeefeforlife5

    what is your list of rating ships.mine are below

    Ships with Sophie:





    Ships with Biana




    Ships with Linh






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  • Sokeefeforlife5


    July 3, 2020 by Sokeefeforlife5

    Does anyone here ship Stitz? (Stina+Fitz) I do, but I want to make sure it really is a thing before making a page for it.I don’t want the page getting deleted for being unfactual. Post your opinion about Stitz on the Queen Hylda page (don’t ask why) Either yes or no- it’s easy.Also, you can call it a backup ship if a different ship fails (SoFitz, Stinex, Finh)

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  • Sokeefeforlife5

    if you need a fanfic written but can't write well (really, everyone can write well.) then i will write for you.just send me a message with what you want your fanfic to be about (i.e. ships , character backstories, book crossovers.and if I haven’t read a book that you want me to do a crossover with, I will decline it but still, try anyway! Now, I am not a perfect fanfic writer but I will try! send me a message if you need a fanfic written, my hours for message are from 7:00-8:00 normally, I will send out a message if that changes and you are all awesome! Love yourself, stay safe and remember I love you guys!


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  • Sokeefeforlife5

    this is fanfic about Iggy’s backstory, hope you like it! Also I looked it up and Iggy means ‘fiery one’

    Iggy woke up in his nest, surrounded by the other imps.He kicked his sister Ari away and flitted over to the huge pile of sludgers at the edge of the nest.He are some and burped loudly, waking up his brother Brandon and sister Karen.Ari was the only one still asleep, as Iggy's mother was out gathering sludgers and his dad had left the nest permanently, following the imp tradition.Brandon kicked Ari and squeaked at her noisily while Karen ate a sludger.Finally, Ari woke up after being repeatedly kicked by Brandon.Ari flitted over to the sludger pile and happily chomped on them.Ari was the only imp in the nest who was always happy, and due …

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    Ok... So I basically just got an account and I have no idea what to do with this stuff. So... I just want to know what I'm supposed to do on this profile thingy. 

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  • Tiana4eva

    heyyyy!!! i am starting a new fanfic! pls check it out and comment:

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  • TheShadeInflictorNightmare

    Ok so you know me as anna the shade, but I changed my username. I just reentered the wiki, and don't intend on leaving again

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  • Malrules5

    hi! soo i had the idea that they should make a keeper of the lost cities monopoly game. the place can be like Rimeshere and Havenfield and instead oof jail there would be Exile.please comment kitten on the Calla page if you agree and milipede on the Trix page if you don't.if you have other suggestions please comment them on the Livvy page.yeah i do that on purpose.

    i respects your opinion

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  • TheRealBianaVacker

    So, this weekend, my mother addressed to me, a big problem, which was: I have too much screen time. 

    Now even though I will get about one hour a day now, it still feels like too little.

    And I have to keep constantly lying to my mother. She tells me that I'm acting like my screen is more important then family because do you guys want to know the truth? It is. I have more friends on here that I could ever get in life. I have secrets I shared with you guys that I could never share with anyone in real life. I have to keep telling my mom that she's right. I have to keep lying about what I'm doing in my days.

    This is and NEVER will be a goodbye because I am not leaving for a long, long time. But I will have less time on the FANDOM. And I have bigger an…

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  • SophitzFoster

    This and this were my primary sources for this post, other than my own memory.

    I don't necessarily mean romantically! But Sophie loves our boy so much.

    "But he was also the boy who'd shown up on her class field trip and shown her where she really belonged. The one who'd let her cry on his shoulder when she had to leave her family, and who'd gone out searching for her in the middle of nowhere, just because he'd heard her voice in his head." (This quote is from Exile, when Fitz apologizes to Sophie and she remembers why she loves him.)

    "Fitz was the first elf she'd met, and the only one who knew what she really gained—and lost—the day he found her."

    "I'll always remember that you found me and brought me to the Lost Cities and showed me where I r…

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  • Keeper. Of. Books.

    So I came up with the idea where you put the Forms for Characters into a Blog. So here is the Blog for Spirit Strings!

    I Will Play Miss Hazel

    Name: Miss Hazel/ Gloria Hazel

    Age: Does it really matter?

    Gender: Female

    Ability/Abilities(These are your Abilities after you manipulated your Spirit Strings, you may add your abilities before you changed them though if you wish/ 4 max): Hazel has incredible control over Fire. She can not get burnt and she can create it whenever she wishes as long as she is not completely emerged in water. She also can create a pet Phoenix at her will which will attack when she wants unless the Phoenix likes you. (The Phoenix's name is Blaze) She is also Semi-Immortal. She can not die of Old Age.

    Before her ability was to…

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  • Malrules5

    In Memory

    June 28, 2020 by Malrules5

    In  memory of all the users who have been blocked whether it was for being underage or for some other reason, please post this on the Greyfell page (dont ask why) This is the thing to post: In memory of those who have been blocked, please always remember to be kind and to be honest and to love everyone.  if you pasted this on 5 other pages and posted the thingy above on the Greyfell page please post this emogi on the Biana page:🐶 thanks!

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  • Frostwing0

    K so it's gotten reallly depressing since the only users above 13 rule thing and I just need a break from this and just breathe. 

    I don't know when I'll be back probably a week at least, but not forever.

    Also I'll be checking my wall in between the break thing and I will still be able to talk about some things but not always

    I'll miss you all bye!!!!! 😔

    And if anyone wants it here they can have meh friend badge but only if they actually knew me not some person I donor know anyways I'll miss you all bye!

    Also my discord is Frostwing0#3487

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  • Gildie-Everblaze

    Hi everyone. I’m sorry, this’ll be rushed and left largely without proofreading, but I’d like to thank all of you.

    You may know me as Gildie. You might call me Gold, or Gilds, or PERSONNNNN. Maybe we’ve shared inside jokes, laughed together about the strangest little mishaps, or chatted about KotLC, other books, vacations, music... or really anything. Maybe we’ve just exchanged a quick acknowledgment on a club thread or roleplay, or maybe we haven’t even had a chance to talk. I have no idea who might read this, but I know we’re all thinking about the future of the wiki, because... well, a lot’s happened in the past few weeks. And change is difficult.

    I know many people who are leaving, or at least considering it, and... I just wanted to say …

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  • SoSoAFangirl


    June 27, 2020 by SoSoAFangirl

    Hello KOTLC peeps!

    So some of you may know me,

    Some of you may not. 

    I am mostly a SoKeefe shipper on here, though I still do have a exceptions for Sophitz. 

    But I have something to say...... (PLEASE READ I KNOW THIS IS LONG!!!!!!!!)

    I've been thinking about this for a while, don't get me wrong I still love KOTLC along with so many other amazing fantasy, romance, and sci fi books and series, and I hope I always will. My goal is to make a graphic novel of my own on a website called Webtoons, but we will see. Any how, don't get all teary eyed yet, okay? Because just hear me out...

    Technically, yes, I am under age, but only by.. eh about a year and a half, so yes, technically I'm not allowed on here because of the new rule. But I have been coming o…

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  • Cora the Guster

    alright, to start this off, this will sort of mix KotLC and Homestuck. I will provide links in this post since you probably won't know what the heck I'm talking about. Please click all the links if you haven't read Homestuck. All of them. AND: this is a really insane theory for comedy purposes, please don't think I actually believe this. :)

    Let's start this off with our main antagonist, LADY GISELA, or GISELA SENCEN.

    Gisela Sencen is a valid troll name (I've been saying this all over the place with a lot of names haven't I).

    Lady Gisela is also a POLYGLOT.

    The color most commonly associated with that ability is PURPLE, one of the highest castes on the hemospectrum.

    Most purplebloods are CLOWNS (swear warning for that link).

    Gisela is known to m…

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  • Starcloud3

    It kinda sucks.

    Y'all are so amazing, and I want to stay on this wiki with all of you in this safe little bubble forever, but I feel like my time here is coming to an end. I don't know how much longer I'm going to hold onto the wiki, because I'm hopelessly stubborn, but I've just kinda been out of beat with everything, y'know? I don't RP much anymore, the strange ducks has kinda died, and so has the insomnaics club, and all my friends are leaving or becoming less active.

    It just feels like I'm clinging onto the last strands of staying here, when I don't even do anything really anymore.

    I don't know whether I want to just stop going on here, or cling onto it while it lasts, because the idea of leaving all of you is too much, but then again, so…

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  • CustardBursts


    June 27, 2020 by CustardBursts

    Heyo friends :) 

    I've decided to resign from my position as an administrator on this wiki. My 3 years on here have been filled with some great memories and people that I'm so grateful for. I was so lucky to have been given the opportunity of becoming an administrator and work alongside good friends. I was so fortunate to have been surrounded by an amazing community, filled with some amazing users. Thank you all for allowing me to take care of this wonderful wiki; it's been a fun journey. Truthfully, I've had the thought of leaving fandom since last year, and this past month has made me realize that that logging on every day isn't making me happy and I'm not feeling great whenever I'm online. I finally concluded that I have to move on and di…

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    Okay, so I just felt like talking about how cute Olivia and Joshua are. I partly did this for myself but I felt like turning it into a blog bost so...ya. If you didn´t know, they play the main characters Ricky and Nini from High School Musical the Musical: the Series. You can watch this on Disney plus :)

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  • TheShadeInflictorNightmare

    Ok guys I'm leaving. Sorry, so today my WiFi went out in the middle of the day. I kept trying to get back on but I couldn't. Anyway, it was an eye opening expirence because I kept getting scared and everything about how much I would miss and it hasn't even been a day, just a few hours. That's when I realized That the amount of time I spend on here is unhealthy. So I'm leaving. I won't be in anymore roleplays, and I won't be on so much, I think I will check every once in a while my notifications, but I'm not going to be on here as much. I may come back on here in a long time when I think I can handle it. To all the roleplays I made, keep going without me. If you havnt started yet, start even though I'm not there, to my two clubs, the first …

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  • Malrules5

    flitterwing fanart

    June 26, 2020 by Malrules5

    HI! this is for flitterwing fanart. (that is the flitterwing page)

    I can't draw a good picture if my life depended on it.

    Some of you guys are awesome artists

    No insultng other's art

    Happpy flitterwing-drawing

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  • Umbrellas&Rainboots13

    Howdy, folks. Wow... This is hard. I want you to know that I love each and every one of you on this wiki, and I'll probably be back soon. For those of you who don't know, I experienced a very tragic and unexpected event in my life at the end of June last year. I find myself thinking about it more and more every day, and I think it's best for me to take some time off the wiki to take care of myself that way.

    I live on the beach if you didn't know, and my parents also booked guests for the entire summer sans like three days. It's important for me to spend time with my family.

    I'm also taking an online course, and it's necessary that I finish before school starts again. The wiki is taking too much of my time to do that.

    All in all, I love you gu…

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  • Her Cinnamonrollness


    June 26, 2020 by Her Cinnamonrollness

    In Memoriam of those who were blocked for being underage:

    Every laugh, I wish upon you.

    Every stupidly hilarious comment, I wish upon you.

    Every fake wedding that takes up so much time, I wish upon you.

    Every inside joke, sleepless night of fun, and good time, I wish upon you.

    Even when you’re not here,

    Even if you’ll be gone for a long time,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Live well, my friends, and I’ll be waiting when you come back.

    And should you choose not to, or should you forget,

    I will pray you are happy.

    I wrote this, and I just had to channel my emotions into something, which in my case is usually writing. If you find it and like it plz share the link around. If people like it I might do more poetry-ish stuff like it.

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  • GlitterButt&Greyfell

    Hey Guys!

    June 25, 2020 by GlitterButt&Greyfell
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  • Azalea Quinn

    For anyone who sees this, I am leaving Fandom. I was just on it too much, even though it was for five days! :)

    Bye! I really enjoyed it while it lasted.


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  • SparkleBootyRocks


    June 25, 2020 by SparkleBootyRocks

    Thank you to those reading this for putting in the time and energy. 

    I've been putting this off because I didn't want to leave. However, I feel like it's important for me to do so. 

    I love this wiki. I found my love of roleplaying here, I love talking to the people. and I love the positivity. However, I feel like this wiki has taken over my life. I spend most of my time here and not doing anything else. It's been getting worse and I feel like it's been getting unhealthy. I have many other important things to do such as studying, practicing the violin, preparing for my robotics competition, and just spending time with my family. Instead, I've been on this wiki, barely if at all doing those other things. I believe that it will benefit my menta…

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  • Dasnowleopard


    June 25, 2020 by Dasnowleopard

    I will now be called Kristy after the main character in my book that i wrote called Prodigy. (No not the one by Marie Lu, though i heard it was good)

    This is my choice, and i would appreciate if you listened and called me that PLEASE!!!

    if you would like a expert of my book BEFORE i publish it in 2022, please private message me!

    Thanks guys! Thats all!

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  • LadyHunkyhairWeasley

    Kotlc Oath

    June 25, 2020 by LadyHunkyhairWeasley

    I Remember KOTLC

    I promise to remember Keefe bc even the most awesome person gets rejected

    I promise to remember Alvar bc not everyone is perfect

    I promise to remember Silveny when I feel alone

    I promise to remember Sophie bc we are all weird 

    I promise to remember Fitz bc I sometimes want to punch him

    I promise to remember Biana bc the scars don’t make me any less beautiful 

    I promise to remember Grady when I need to call someone That Boy

    I promise to remember Mr. Forkle bc we have all lost someone 

    I promise to remember Tam when someone I love is threatened and I want to punch the person who threatened them 

    I promise to remember Linh when someone I love goes over to the dark side 

    I promise to remember Alden bc there is no reason to worry 

    I promis…

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  • Keefe'sGirlie

    Um hey guys.... well i'll probably leaving Fandom. Fr now. Forever. *fr bursts into tears* its just i can't live my life anymore it feels like, and its becuase of Fandom. It hurts me to say this but Fandom has done nothing to help me, it just made everything worse. 

    It got me attached to amazing people that i don't even know irl (good and bad thing)

    It got me cooped up in my room all day

    It gave me fr headaches

    and i don't think any of that is good for my mental health

    (now sorry if i mispell some things while writing this considering i am in tears while writing this everything is blurry)

    I just don't think I can go on like this.

    I have met some absoutely AMAZING people on here and I just wanted to say thank you to:

    Rae: You've been such a great …

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  • NalaMoonrise

    blog post

    June 24, 2020 by NalaMoonrise


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  • IceIceIggy1

    Piper Pyren

    June 24, 2020 by IceIceIggy1

    “Really? Because the second that you are yelling at other people, it becomes my business.”

    -Piper to Alvar, Chapter 4

    Piper Pyren is the main protagonist in the short story Piper: A KOTLC Story. She was 20 years old when she died. Piper's parents died when she was young and that has troubled her for her entire life. Sometime after their death, she moved in with her friend and love interest, Chance Brinks. Piper is graduated from Foxfire.

    Piper is very beautiful. She has brown hair that goes a little below her shoulders and sky blue eyes. She does not pay much attention to her appearance.

    Piper has a fiery personality. She is very snarky, yet determined to kill the people who killed her parents. She likes to make fun of her classmate, Alvar.

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  • TheRealBianaVacker

    Umm, advice

    June 24, 2020 by TheRealBianaVacker

    So I just want to talk a little about bullies and how to deal with them.......

    People may call you ugly, a try hard, freak, a rat, and much more. People have done this to me and I learned a few things with this expirience. First, I'm not gonna say "Ignore them", because the truth is, you can't ignore them. Their words are a knife, cutting into you deeper and deeper each time. Hurting you, stopping you, destroying you. So you have to pull the knife out. How, you might ask. Well that depends on you. What are they doing to you, how do you feel about it? If you need more help, don't be shy to talk to me. Tell me how you're feeling. Rant on and on to me. I'm a good listener. Always talk to me.

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    This is a drawing of our beautiful darling Keefe made by me! 

    If you love So- Keefe go to my Fan Fic! The link below!

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  • IggyFloofMaster

    HEWO i have just read, watched, and finished all the hunger games stuff so YAY jennifer laurence ftw i love the books and the movies are amazing for some reason when i was reading the book i imagined gale as dex!??!?!?!? weird right? but i defiently imagined katniss the right way it was the best i now own all the movies and the last book thx for reading and may the odds be ever in your favor

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  • SophitzFoster

    Club Index

    June 23, 2020 by SophitzFoster

    This is an index of approved clubs from our club forum board. Once you have a club idea approved, you can add it or ask someone to add it. Unapproved clubs will be removed. If you have to make a new club thread because the old one had too many posts, please update it.

    To edit this list, edit Template:ClubIndex.

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  • Malrules5

    open it to see

    June 23, 2020 by Malrules5

    if u want to join this club here is what you must do:u must be respectful and not insult others you may not mention Harry Potter and you must be crazy and you must be okay with my insane sokeefe shipping

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  • Ripplefluffy the RainWing

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I'm leaving for a few weeks. Like, I may come and comment random stuff occasionally, but I won't be on a lot. My finals are coming up, and I hate to say this, but I've been wasting away and lying to myself for an entire online semester now. My teachers and peers all have high expectations of me, and I want to meet and exceed them like I always have, because I can't trust that I expect enough of myself. 

    I won't be gone for long—just till July 11th, the last day of school. I'll miss you guys. You were all great friends and I won't bother to list your names because no matter who you are, you're amazing to me. Thank you to all those wonderful humans/elves/dragons/aliens/goldfish who welcomed me,…

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  • Her Cinnamonrollness

    This is where I will keep track of all mah characters that I create 4 rps and stuff.

    Amara Dizznee appears in: THE NEW KIDS(Rp): 16

    Dex and Biana

    Smart, sassy, LOVES a good prank, troubled with a sorrow-filled past she never shares.

    Short, skinny, long copper hair that goes a little past her waist, wide teal eyes.

    She is straight, and yes to ships.


    name Armelle Quinx (appears in Savage rp,)

    age (15-17) 15

    gender female

    appearance: short and skinny, medium length copper hair, grey-blue eyes, deceivingly peaceful-looking

    shipping yes straight

    Talents/likes: likes the dark and looking at stars, good at hiding, knows all the most painful pressure points, good at acting

    Weaknesses/dislikes: very strong emotions, has extreme fear of anything with …

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  • Malrules5

    hellos if you are bored you can talk here talk about anything exept Harry Potter please I am not a fan.

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  • Lexbexrex

    Ok, so I posted this on the Keefe and Sophie page, and I kind of wanted to make a blog post anyways, so I'm making this! 

    Alright, so I've been on fandom for a WHILE now, and I've actually kept kinda quiet about my kotlc opinions! Oh my god Lexbexrex, just shut up now, no one even cares. Well, since I've actually been fandom like alllll day today, I've decided that it's as good of a time as ever to SpEaK mY oPiNiOnS. 

    Ok, so you probably know that I ship sokeefe. I mean, there are like ten million ways you could've figured that out, bro. So... sokeefe. I could go into a rant about how much I'm in love with sokeefe, but I don't think I will because you would probably just hear a lot of stuff that you've already heard before, and it would prob…

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  • Princess puryfinns


    June 22, 2020 by Princess puryfinns


    Dear Sophie:

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  • Agerber227

    Ok, name one reason why Keefe isn't right for Sophie.

    He is so caring and protective of her, and would never hurt her the way Fitz did. Keefe jokes a lot, but is serious when he needs to be. He goes through a lot with his parents and Sophie is a great girl for him because she cares about him more than his best friend does. Fitz is mean to Keefe for no reason and always gets jealous of him and Sophie, even though it's obvious Keefe cares for and respects each of them enough not to do anything. Sophie feels much more comfortable around Keefe than she does Fitz. Fitz makes her feel like she needs to be perfect and never  make mistakes while Keefe makes her feel like she deosn't have to be perfect around him. Keefe na=eeds a good best friend th…

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  • KotLC4LIFE101

    My Signatures

    June 22, 2020 by KotLC4LIFE101

    Dang it, I forgot my watermelon!




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  • Keephie4eva

    Okay, I am sorry, but I will be taking a break from fandom, starting tomorrow.

    Before everyone starts freaking out and going like, "AH OH NO SHE'S LEAVING FANDOM KHDBCJBHHBF," let me ease your mind. 

    I am NOT leaving fandom, and my break is not even that long. Only a few days, about three, maybe more if I need it. I know everyone's leaving now, and getting blocked :( but I will be back soon! I just realize that I have a LOT of homework to do and I have not been doing it when I talk to you.

    This means, (for only a few days!) I won't be posting on my fanfic (I haven't done that in a while anyway... sorry) I won't be participating in any chats, I won't even check my notifs. (which could end badly) Feel free to message me on my wall about whateve…

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  • Malrules5

    Do you have any theories about who Sophie’s biological dad is? Mine are Fintan, Councillor Emery, Greyfell, and Elwin.

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  • CuddorifficG4M3r

    Hello!! So uhh... this is de place where I, Cuddo, put the badges I made :B cuz Y not? Plus, I like keeping track of my projects so...

    And also, feel free to add suggestions of different reaction badges that should be made and I can code a signature for you if you'd like!

    umm so yea, at the moment, these are the badges that I crafted...

    TYSM for all of U guys who actually went throught the badges!

    This is where the badges were crafted, but please do not edit any badges or stalk the thread, but you may be welcome to add badge ideas or suggestions, and do leave a comment to teach me how to improve below please! the badge factory:

    Thanks for coming all the way through the invitation! Cuddo deeply appreciates you! Feel free to come visit again!

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  • CrazyGirl101

    The Selectilon is the best series ever! Read IT Please!

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  • WHNutcracker

    Calla's Sacrifice

    June 22, 2020 by WHNutcracker

    Have you ever wondered what might've happend if Calla, Sophie's favorite gnome now a Panakes, were still alive? Read this fanfiction to find out more!

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  • Darkleafe

    My Wiki Status

    June 21, 2020 by Darkleafe

    Hey guys! I assume you have noticed my recent inactivity on the wiki and want to know why. If not, well, um, here you go anyway! So, in the last couple of months, ever since summer started, I've been spending a lot more time with family and etc. and haven't really been on that much. Plus with this whole situation going on, I've been kind of preoccupied. It's getting to the point where I'm not really on the fandom as much as I want and that makes me sad because you guys are awesome. Unfortunately, my parents found out how much I'm on here and they effectively restricted my time. While not technically restricted, they weren't exactly approving of my time spent here. Because of this, I may have to resign to this state of activity on the wiki …

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