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Diana/Bex is the romantic/friendship pairing of Biana Amberly Vacker and Dexter Alvin Dizznee.

At first, Dex disliked the entire Vacker family, and only completely came to accept them in Neverseen, when he apologizes. They currently remain close friends, and there seems to be a deep trust between the two.

There is no confirmed interest from Biana or Dex, although Biana and Dex spent a lot of time together when Fitz and Sophie wouldn't include them. They are also very friendly towards each other and are quick to build each other up when the other is feeling down or doubting themselves.

In the deleted scene Biana thinks up ship/platonic names for her and Dex (consisting of Bianex, Dexiana, Vackiznee, and Dizzker.) Sophie is rather confused about Dizzker, but Biana insists that it could work.

It had also been hinted that the feelings between Tam and Biana might be canon, and Dex and Biana also seem to have a strong romantic bond, possibly and probably leading to another love triangle between the three. As of Legacy, Biana and Dex have shown stronger feelings for each other that could possibly hint at a future relationship.

Pairing Names[]

  • Diana (D/ex and B/iana)
  • Dexiana (Dex and B/iana)
  • Bex (B/iana and D/ex)
  • Bianex (Bian/a and D/ex)
  • Deana (De/x and Bi/ana)
  • Dizzker (Dizz/nee and Vac/ker) (dubbed by Sophie in Lodestar Deleted Scene #2)
  • Vackizznee (Vack/er and D/izznee) (dubbed by Biana in Lodestar)
  • Dizznacker (Dizzn/ee and V/acker) (dubbed by Biana in Lodestar)

    From Book 5: Lodestar Deleted Scene #2



Keeper of the Lost Cities[]

  • As a way to comfort Sophie, Dex states that Biana is probably jealous of Sophie because she is no longer the prettiest girl in school. This means that Dex thought of Biana as the prettiest girl in school before meeting Sophie. (Pg. 205)

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Everblaze []

  • Fitz, Keefe, and Biana visit Sophie after her ability restrictor is on, Keefe and Fitz wanted to kick Dex in his special place. Biana stays silent.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Neverseen []

  • Biana and Dex hang out in the boys' treehouse and don't seem very uncomfortable about it, unlike with Keefe and Fitz.
  • They become better friends.
  • Biana joins Dex on his hunt for stones for the Twiggler. (Pg. 408)

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Lodestar[]

  • Biana tells Dex she isn't going to ever take off the panic switch ring he gave her as a gift he made for her. Dex blushes. (Pg. 12)
  • Biana is introduced to Dex's family when she arrives at their home for a sleepover. At first, Kesler is skeptical, but later questions his false opinion of Biana when she is excited to see Sophie's Imp, Iggy. Later, Juline seems to like Biana when she comes to sleepover at Rimeshire.
  • Dex says that Biana is "way too good" for Lex.
  • When Biana and the others find out that in Level 1, and possibly Level 2, Dex ate his lunch during class, she says that she was stupid back then and blushes. This implies that maybe if she could go back, she would have eaten lunch with him.
  • Dex catches Biana when she slips.
  • Dex becomes bright red when she gets excited about him.
  • Biana is really impressed by the gadgets Dex has built around his house. 
  • Dex said he liked Biana more than his siblings. 
  • Biana states that Dex should give himself more credit for all the work he does and Dex turns red. 
  • Biana calls Dex adorable while talking about him and Sophie.
  • Biana put Dex's sleeping bag next to her's.
  • Biana chose to work with Dex while trying to read the scrolls.
  • Biana gives Dex a new hairstyle that is said to make him handsome, and he blushes the whole time.
  • Biana said Dex looked awesome.
  • Biana says that Dex and her family should be friends.
  • Biana asks Dex if he is going to register for the match list, and sounds disappointed when Dex says he may not. This indicates that Biana would like to be on Dex's match list.
  • Dex chases after Sophie and Fitz, not wanting to be alone with Tam and Biana after they haven't seen each other in a while, signifying that he likes Biana and doesn't want to embarrass himself because he knows Tam likes her too.
  • Dex and Biana spend a lot of time together since Tam and Linh are with the Black Swan and Fitz and Sophie are training or talking with Keefe.
  • Biana pulls Dex into the group hug, when Sophie and Fitz are about to follow the starstone hairpin, and makes sure to include him.
  • Biana wants to make a team with Dex called Team Bianex/Dizznacker/Vackizznee. This indicates she wants to spend time with him.
  • In a deleted lodestar scene, Fitz calls Biana and Dex a "couple". The deleted scene can be found on the official website

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Nightfall[]

  • Biana builds Dex up when he confesses his doubts on his abilities as a Technopath: "'No way—no underestimating yourself like that. You're Dex Dizznee. You built the Twiggler. You translated the Lodestar symbol. You built this.' She held up her hand and pointed to the pretty pink panic switch ring he'd given her." (Pg. 150)
  • Keefe draws them next to each other in his painting.
  • Biana, noticing that Iggy is green, asks Sophie if Dex visited the day before. When Sophie tries to distract her, Biana persists, demanding why Dex was there.
  • Biana fumbles with the crush cuffs Dex gave Sophie: possibly jealous
  • Dex comforts Biana and "lets her soak his shoulder with snot and tears" when they find out Mr. Forkle is still alive.
  • Dex is speechless while they are getting Biana to wake up.
  • Biana turns to Dex right after Fitz and Sophie to tell her how she is.
  • Dex offers to carry Biana to Livvy/Physic after she is injured.
  • Dex is very worried about Biana when she is injured.
  • Biana mentions that she hailed Dex so they could work on the caches together without the triplets.
  • Sophie notices that Dex is wearing his hair in the style that Biana told him he looked good in.
  • Biana cries on Dex's shoulder when they find out Mr. Forkle has a twin

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Flashback[]

  • It is said that Biana "leaned on Dex as she looked at Fitz's bleeding knuckles."
  • When it is revealed that Dex knew about Alvar's sentence, Fitz says many hurtful things. Biana, on the other hand merley mumbled "I can't believe Dex knew," This indicates that she might think that he should have told her, which indicates that they are close.
  • During Fitz's short story Biana admitted that she had a crush which could be Dex.

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Legacy[]

  • While Team Valiant was still deciding on their name, Dex and Biana were friendly, teasing each other and potentially flirting about the possible names. (Pg. 143 & Pg. 149)
  • Biana and Dex both agreed that they were often left out of the group. (Pg. 147)
  • Biana takes Dex's hand after he is unsure whether he wants to go into the cave where he and Sophie were kidnapped and Dex jumped and blushed when she did. Biana smiles at him. (Pg. 274)
  • Dex and Biana were still holding hands in the cave (Pg. 274-275)
  • When Biana noticed that Dex stayed behind to talk to Sophie, she frowned and stayed for a long time. (Pg. 286)
  • When Stina dunked Dex in the mud, Biana tackled her. Biana is standing up for Dex. (Pg. 430)
  • Just before they were about to go into the King's Path, it is said that Biana was already clinging to Dex. (Pg. 437)
  • After Dex collapses with Sophie's enhancing, Biana offers to bring him inside. (Pg. 536-537)
  • Biana gave Dex a big pep talk and told him how much she believed in him when he doubted his abilities as a Technopath.

Similarities and Differences[]


  • They both dislike Stina Heks. (Both get on better terms with her later in the series).
  • They both join the Black Swan in Keeper of the Lost Cities: Neverseen.
  • They both study at Foxfire and are in their fourth year.
  • They both show no romantic interest in each other until Neverseen and Lodestar.
  • They both consider Sophie Foster as their best friend.
  • They both seem to let go of the crush they each had in previous books in Lodestar and Nightfall.
  • They have both studied at Exillium.
  • They both have their father's eye color.
  • Both their mothers are a part of the Black Swan.
  • They both have at least one family member that has been lying to them about joining a secret organization for years.
  • They are both a part of Team Valiant and are Regents.
  • They both have two brothers.
  • They both have one ability.
  • They are both elves.
  • They both have bodyguards who are Goblins (Lovise and Woltzer).
  • They both have things that cause them to be discriminated (However because Biana is a Vacker- the issue of her being a third child is somewhat forgotten)



  • Biana looks like a Disney princess, according to Sophie, and Dex's last name is Dizznee. She could be a Dizznee princess.
  • Bex, one of the listed ship names, is also one of Dex's siblings.
  • In a deleted line from Lodestar, Biana says that an unknown character will have to face the wrath of "Dizznacker."
  • If Biana and Dex get together, a Vacker would be with a son of a bad match. This would shake the ground of society, but also show how much Biana and Dex want to be with each other.


“Sophie studied Dex a second longer and was about to reach for his hand—but Biana beat her to it, making Dex jump a little as their fingers twined together.”

—Narrator, in Legacy

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