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“These scars are a part of me now, and I've decided I'm done pretending they're not.”

—Biana Vacker, in Flashback

Biana Vacker (Bee-ah-nah Vack-er) is the only daughter and the youngest child of Alden and Della Vacker. She lives at Everglen with Fitz, her older brother. Alvar, her eldest brother, moved out of Everglen before the first book was released. In Everblaze, she manifests as the youngest person and known Vanisher in the Lost Cities. Her mother, Della, and her oldest brother, Alvar, are Vanishers as well. She and her brother Alvar are the only known Vanishers to be able to hide from gnomes, one of the five intelligent species.

The name "Biana" means "white" and "fair-skinned."

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As of Legacy, Biana is a Level Four prodigy at Foxfire. In Keeper of the Lost Cities, some people (Marella), called her "Princess Prettypants" and other names out of complete jealousy because of her looks and being a Vacker. Biana used to have a best friend named Maruca, but she separated herself from Biana when she became friends with Sophie. Maruca is later seen as Stina's friend and in Legacy is Sophie's friend to some point. Biana becomes one of Sophie's best friends but was her enemy during the beginning of the first book. She was so used to people using her to get to her brother, Fitz, she didn't like Sophie at first.

The Vacker Family

Involvement Edit

Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities Edit

At first, Biana disliked and avoided Sophie. Her father, Alden, later forced her to become friends with Sophie so that she would come over to their house more often where Alden could watch over her. Near the end of the book, Biana began to consider Sophie as a friend. She often played Base Quest with Sophie, Keefe, and Fitz. Later in the book Sophie and Dex were captured by the Neverseen. Many elves including her friends thought Sophie was dead but after Sophie was rescued by the Black Swan, Sophie heard a rumour from Stina about her friendship with Biana. Biana cried while explaining that though her friendship with Sophie was initially because of her father, she now genuinely cared about her and wanted to try to become her friend and make it up to her.  

Book 2: Exile Edit

After Alden's mind was broken due to his guilt towards Prentice, Biana became depressed. She was incredibly upset and thought that blaming Sophie alongside Fitz was the easiest thing to do at the moment. When Sophie did see Biana, she was seen mostly crying or standing mutely while Fitz made rude remarks at Sophie. She also did not appreciate Sophie coming to Alden's funeral. However, before Sophie healed Alden's mind, she hugged her and apologised for her foolish actions.

Book 3: Everblaze Edit

She manifested as Vanisher, like her mom, and oldest brother. She had manifested earlier than Alvar and was stronger, being able to fully disappear and reappear faster, as said by Della. She also offered to help Sophie with whatever secret projects she's been working on, proving herself a vital asset. At the end of the book, she agreed to join the Black Swan with her friends.

Book 4: Neverseen Edit

Biana joined the Black Swan after running away from the Lost Cities with Sophie and her friends, showing she was more than beauty. Biana was very hardcore and had been taught how to defend herself by her parents. She also respected Della, not only as a mother but also as a role model for vanishing and aspired to be as good as her someday. While going to Alluveterre, Biana hid Della's presence in the group as a stowaway, and with Della's vanishing skills, the plan was secured, until they needed to go underwater.

Book 5: Lodestar Edit

Biana helped with deciphering codes and spent time at the Exillium sessions. She also got closer to some of her other friends, especially Dex

Book 6: Nightfall Edit

Biana was crucial to sneaking them into places with Sophie's enhancing, giving herself the so-called nickname, "the secret weapon." She could make up to two people vanish aside to herself with physical contact while Sophie enhanced her. She also got severely injured by the shards of a mirror when she attempted to attack Vespera and Fintan by herself, and now had permanent scars because of this incident. She had been extremely sensitive about the scars until Flashback where she learned to accept the scars as a part of her.

Book 7: Flashback Edit

In Flashback, she invited everyone to training sessions after Foxfire. She is shown to be a major supporter of Sophie and Fitz's relationship, and long knew of Sophie's crush on Fitz. During the Fitz Short Story, she kept urging Fitz to confess his crush on Sophie and also stated that she had a crush on someone who wasn't Keefe.

Book 8: Legacy Edit

In Legacy, Biana became part of Team Valiant, led by Sophie, and is shown to care about her when she supports part of the Council's reason for appointing her to the team — that Sophie had been drifting away from her lately. She helped Sophie in her search for her biological parents, even going as far as to schedule private meetings with their suspects and offering to continue assisting her even when she was evidently busy, claiming that she could handle it. She often showed up wherever Sophie is and the two were able to understand each other better, thus deepening their bond.

Personality Edit


Biana is very loyal. She can be wary of people she doesn't know very well or trust⁠ – like how she treated Sophie in the first book—but once she gets to know someone, Biana will become an extremely devoted friend. She would risk her life to save her loved ones when she does get the chance. Biana hates being left out and wants to help Sophie in any possible way. She may be in Fitz's shadow, but that doesn't stop her from trying to shine. In Neverseen, when Sophie and Fitz jump off the cliff to go save someone who might be in danger, Fitz stated that Biana had "tried to come too, but [their] coach grabbed her" before she could succeed.


Biana is a bubbly and outgoing person to be around. She's a talkative elf and is usually the one to spark a conversation, gossip about rumours, or talk about the latest trends. Biana is the type of elf who will always try to find the good in a bad situation. She is also shown to be intelligent and can prioritize, multi-task, and handle her responsibilities well. An example of her intelligence of in Neverseen, when they are in the forest with Ruy, she thought to throw her monocle at the force field, causing a white fire that tore through it. Biana was in the Left Hemisphere at Exillium, showing her level-headedness and ability to think logically. She is also very responsible.


Biana is very hard-working. She always wants to help and will work hard on a task until it is done. In Legacy, Biana becomes part of Team Valiant. Every time Sophie gives her an assignment, she puts all her effort into it and gets it done before Sophie even has time to check in with her on how it's going. She also can multi-task very well.


Biana is very brave. As shown in Nightfall, she single-handedly took on Vespera and Fintan, the two leaders of Neverseen. She gets brutally injured but still claims that some risks are worth taking. Biana may act feminine most of the time, but she is not a delicate elf and is willing to fight to the death in order to save the people she loves. Confident and bold, Biana isn't afraid to tackle challenges, and have some fun along the way.

  • WARY

Biana is also shown to be a wary and suspicious elf, as many people have tried to use Biana to get to Fitz, which is why she disliked Sophie at first—assuming she was going to do the same thing. In addition, since she's a Vacker, so everyone wants the best from her, and some would even use her just to benefit themselves. When nervous or worried, Biana twists her fingers as if she's hoping for something— like how Sophie pulls out her eyelashes.


Even though Biana has gone through many challenges, such as her fight with Vespera, she stays confident in herself. She is good about not letting anybody break her, and always being true to herself and friends.


Biana is strikingly beautiful and alluring—setting a higher standard in appearance compared to other young female elves. To Sophie, she is "drop-dead gorgeous." She has long, wavy chocolate brown hair like her mother and oldest brother, Alvar, and bright teal eyes, just like Fitz and Alden's. She also has full, heart-shaped lips like her mother. She is described to have fair skin and beautiful, sculpted features. It is also described in the first book that she has all of her parents' best features combined in the best possible way. 

Many boys at Foxfire are said to have crushes on her based on her appearance, such as Jensi. Sophie describes her as being very flawless, glamorous, and perfect. She also thinks that Biana takes after her mother, Della Vacker, who is also very stunning. Unlike Sophie, she prefers "girly" things such as fancy dresses, makeup, and other beauty accessories. Biana adores dressing up Sophie and giving others, including Iggy and Dex, makeovers that suit her style more than others.

In Nightfall, Vespera appears to have pushed Biana into a mirror. This led to glass shards leaving thin scars all over the left side of her torso and face, including her neck, shoulder, and arms. In the first half of Book 7: Flashback, Biana wore clothes with long sleeves to cover the scars; however, she stopped in the middle of the book, declaring that she was done pretending that the scars weren't a part of her. Later in Book 8: Legacy, she proudly shows her scars in The Seat of Eminence, and does not flinch when Stina points them out.


Special Ability Edit

Being a Vanisher, Biana has the power to bend the light so it looks like she is invisible. She uses this ability as an advantage to sneak away from her goblin bodyguard, Woltzer and spy on Fitz. When enhanced by Sophie, she can make up to three people (including Sophie and herself) invisible with her. This is handy when it helps the group sneak into Lady Gisela's Nightfall during Nightfall. Biana sees her mother as a role model, who is exceptionally skilled in vanishing. Biana can hide from gnomes; so far, she is one of the only Vanishers that we know of that can do so, other than her brother, Alvar Vacker.

Relationships Edit

Fitz is Biana's older brother. She is always described as Fitz's younger sister and hidden in his shadows like what people perceive of her mother Della, but in truth, she has a unique personality and she doesn't need her brother to shine. In Keeper of the Lost Cities, she explains that many girls try to become friends with her to get to Fitz so she's quite wary, slightly showing how she cares for her brother. When Sophie and Fitz returned from the Healing Center, she hugs Fitz briskly in worry. In Neverseen, when Fitz is injured during the fight at Exile, she helps with his treatment by providing him with something to vomit in even though she was disgusted. In Nightfall, Fitz becomes extremely worried at his sister's sudden disappearance and was distraught when they found her in a pool of blood and sharp shards. When Biana claimed that she was okay, Fitz shouted that "half of her face was shredded." Fitz is described as being very protective of Biana, however, at the same time, the two siblings are known to tease each other a lot.

Alvar is Biana's eldest brother who is also a Vanisher. He's the one who tells her about what happened to her father Alden in Exile. In Neverseen, after the crash of the bridge in Ravagog, Biana screams hysterically when she doesn't see Alvar and hugs him tightly when he reappears. In Neverseen, when Alvar is revealed to be one of the longest-standing members of the rebel group, the Neverseen, Biana is deeply hurt and asks him "How could you?" and his expression softens. At Lady Gisela's Nightfall, the group found Alvar cut up and bruised. Biana, while using her telekinesis to bring him out, banged him against every wall, showing her distaste for him joining the Neverseen. In Flashback, she warmed up to Alvar when he lost his memories quicker than Fitz, but goes back to hating him once he recovers his memories. In Legacy Biana is silent when Sophie said she let Alvar go.

Della Vacker is Biana's mother. They both like to shop, are described to be beautiful, and are Vanishers. Biana is revealed to respect Della a lot in Neverseen, and she wishes she could one day be as good as her mother at vanishing. She also has a special relationship with her mother.

Alden is Biana's father. He made her befriend Sophie so that he could watch over her. When his mind was broken she became very sad and would not talk to anyone. It is shown that she loves him very much, especially in Neverseen, when she wraps Alden in a big hug after the flood ordeal in Ravagog.

Sophie is Biana's best friend and vice-versa. She originally became friends with Sophie because her father told her to, but then she begins to like Sophie. When Stina tells Sophie that Biana was friends with Sophie just because Alden told her to, Sophie became very angry at Biana and stormed away before she was able to apologize. She was able to make it up to Sophie soon afterward. Sophie has borrowed some of Biana's dresses a couple of times. They usually play Base Quest along with Fitz and Keefe.

When Alden's mind was broken, Biana refused to speak to Sophie, along with her brother, Fitz. Right before Alden was healed, however, Biana apologized for her actions, saying that she didn't mean to hurt Sophie. The two become best friends again.

In Everblaze, when Sophie comes to visit Everglen, she is surprised to find out that Biana is a Vanisher. Later, she convinces Sophie to let her into her "Black Swan problems". When Sophie is said to be in danger, Biana is in the group who goes to find her at Mr. Forkle's hideout. She fights off the main attacker that keeps Sophie captive and frees her. While Sophie was being sentenced to the ability restrictor, Biana was hidden in Magnate Leto's office as a witness to all their friends. She heard all the ostensible statements the Councillors directed straight to Sophie and the Black Swan. She also witnessed what Sophie bravely did when the Councillors threatened Dex and his family. When Sophie is planning on escaping from the Lost Cities to hide with the Black Swan, Biana is one of her friends who willingly accompanies her on the journey.

During Neverseen, Biana accompanies her to the neutral territory of Brackendale. When they accidentally bump into one of the members of the Neverseen, Ruy Ignis, she threw her Black Swan pendant at the force field he had created and distracted him so that the two of them could escape. Biana is always there for Sophie to talk to.

Lady Sassyfur is Biana's stuffed animal companion. Originally named Betty-the-Yeti by Elwin, Biana changed her name to Lady Sassyfur. Elwin gave Lady Sassyfur to her during her time spent healing from her injuries from her fight with Vespera.

Jensi is Biana's friend. He seems to admire Biana a great deal, and he may have a crush on her. He doesn't see her anywhere other than at Foxfire usually, but he has expressed concern when she isn't there and is very happy and excited for her when she manifests as Vanisher. However, Biana doesn't seem to return his feelings.

Keefe is Biana's friend, though some believe that Biana has a crush on him. This fact is often perpetuated by Biana herself. He usually plays Base Quest with her, Sophie, and Fitz. Keefe says he once kissed Biana "mostly on the cheek" for a dare because Biana turned her head at the last moment. In Neverseen, Keefe drapes his arm around Sophie, and Biana just stares at it, possibly in jealousy. Biana is holding Keefe's arm on the cover of Neverseen, in fear. Biana blushes a bright pink when she announces that she agrees with Keefe about the naked statue, which may be because of the statue itself or just the fact that she's agreeing with Keefe. In Nightfall, Sophie believes that Biana's small crush on Keefe is starting to fade, although she has no evidence of this happening. Keefe admits to flirting with girls around her to give her a subtle hint that he isn't interested. Later, Biana says that sometimes you just "have to admit that what you want just... isn't going to happen," which Sophie suspects to mean that she realizes Keefe doesn't like her. Later, Biana seems to not care or be jealous when Keefe flirts with Sophie, and Sophie returns his feelings. She doesn't quickly agree with whatever he says, evidence that her crush is fading or has already faded.

Maruca was Biana's best friend until Biana became friends with Sophie. She told Stina the reason Biana became friends with Sophie, which temporarily ended their friendship after Stina told Sophie that reason. In Lodestar, Maruca seems to want her friendship with Biana back but doesn't make a move to change that, and Biana said that if she truly wants to be friends with her again she had to accept her friendship with Sophie. As of Legacy, they work together and are allies.

Dex is Biana's friend. In Lodestar, they were both left out of a mission and became even closer because of it. Dex and Biana might've shared a romantic moment in Lodestar when Biana gives Dex a makeover. In Nightfall, Biana gives Dex an encouraging pep talk that Dex seems to enjoy. In Legacy, they seem to be growing even closer to each other.

Tam has shown to have possible feelings for Biana, and Biana has shown the same. In Neverseen, after Keefe told him that the Foster Fan Club wasn't going to be accepting him, he flushes and "stole a glance" at Biana after he assured Sophie he was not romantically interested in her at all.

In Lodestar, Biana stated that she hadn't seen him in a long time, hinting that she missed him. She got angry and jealous when Marella continuously flirted with Tam. Then Linh reassures Biana that Tam likes brunettes, therefore he wouldn't be interested in Marella. Biana is also the only female brunette in the group, which means that Linh possibly knew about Tam's crush (as Biana knew about Fitz's crush on Sophie) on Biana and was hinting at it. 

Although they have not had very many moments together, they still consider each other friends. Biana thinks Linh has really cool hair and accepts her to be a good friend. Several times when Tam tries to protect Linh from her power, Biana insists to him that he is underestimating his sister.

Stina is Biana's enemy, although they weren't that much of enemy's before Sophie's arrival. She is also the one who tells Sophie that Biana only became friends with her because Alden told her to. Stina is constantly mean to people at Foxfire. Although they dislike each other, Stina and Biana are both members of Team Valiant.

Woltzer is Biana's assigned bodyguard. He often has many difficulties keeping up with her since Biana is known to vanish a lot, which makes his job ten times harder. Woltzer often appears weary about having such a hard-to-keep-up-with charge.

Iggy isn't Biana's pet, but she has shown that she adores the mischievous little imp, and Iggy returns his feelings. In Neverseen, Biana asks Sophie if she can take care of Iggy and let him sleep in her room. She also tries to turn the imp into a vegetarian but it doesn't work very well. Biana is constantly dying Iggy's fur different colors using Dex's elixirs.

When Sophie begins to neglect Marella, Biana insists on making up with her, renewing their friendship and remaining friends.

Quotes Edit

  • "These scars are a part of me now, and I've decided I'm done pretending they're not." Biana Vacker, Flashback
  • "Because sparkles make everything better." Biana Vacker, Exile
  • "Thank goodness they have good taste in clothes." Biana Vacker, Neverseen
  • "You should make him blue! With sparkles!" Biana Vacker, Neverseen
  • "Is that my dress?" Biana Vacker, Keeper of the Lost Cities
  • "We're not afraid! We're just....really bad at bowing, apparently." Biana Vacker, Legacy

Character Bio by Shannon Messenger Edit

Biana may seem like the Princess of Foxfire Academy—but don’t let the perfect hair and fashionable clothes fool you. Beneath the make-up and perfectly coordinated accessories is a fearless fighter. And while she may not have manifested her special ability when we first meet her, that never stops her from taking on Fitz and Keefe in a game of Base Quest, (and no, it’s not just because she thinks Keefe is cute—though that definitely *does* help). She’s also an incredibly loyal friend—once she gets to know someone—and will do whatever it takes to protect the people she cares about.[3]


  1. She is called this by Marella Redek in Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities
  2. Dex jokingly called her this after Biana said that it was cute how his name rhymes with the names of his siblings
  3. Shannon Messenger's Character Bio's

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