A Beguiler a special ability that elves can get that is used to manipulate others through their vocal tones. It is a little like being a Mesmer, but Beguilers affect emotions and not just actions. Like Telepaths, Beguilers have restrictions to ensure they don't use their abilities for illicit purposes.

Unlike Mesmers, who can only affect the body, and not the mind or willingness, Beguilers can soothe a person into doing something willingly but not always make them act.

Known Beguilers[edit | edit source]

She is a former principal of Foxfire and current Councillor in place of Councillor Kenric. She tried to Beguile Alden into leaving Della at their wedding. Alina also had to Beguile Prentice when the Councillors and the Black Swan were trading Prentice for Gethen.

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