Beacon is a high position in Foxfire, second only to principal. The beacon's job is to guard the Silver Tower and the Gold Tower at Foxfire. The Beacon of the Silver Tower has a higher position than the Beacon of the Gold Tower. If the current principal dies or leaves their position, the beacon will assume the role of principal. Beacons are addressed as "Master."

Known Beacons[edit | edit source]

Magnate Leto used to guard the Silver Tower up until Kenric's death in Everblaze, when Councillor (formerly Dame) Alina assumed her position on the council. He helped Sophie when she couldn't find her lesson with Lady Cadence, and always looked out for her in Exile when he was first introduced. When Sophie was reacting poorly to light leaping, he visited her in the healing center and gave her an excuse for going to her lesson late.

Lady Cadence assumed the position of Beacon after Magnate Leto became principal in Everblaze.

Prentice Endal was the former beacon of the gold tower before his arrest.

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