Base Quest is an Elvin game that is often played by Biana, Keefe, Sophie, and Fitz at Everglen. It is a strategy game, a bit like capture the flag and hide-and-seek.

Game play[edit | edit source]

  1. Two teams are formed, and each team chooses a specific spot to call their "base".
  2. The opposing team races toward the other team's base (called "questing") while the other team attempts to guard their "base".
  3. The "questing" team and the guarding team are allowed to use their Special Abilities to guard/quest to the chosen base.
  4. If the "questing" team manages to touch the guarding team's base, they win.
  5. If the guarding team tags all of the questing team than the guarding team wins.

Strategies Used[edit | edit source]

  1. Using your abilities to track down other players. For example, Sophie usually uses her enhanced telepathy to track down other players to the exact location they are in and then transmits the location to her teammate.
  2. Using your senses to track down other players.
  3. Using vanishing to become invisible and sneak to opposing teams base.
  4. Sprint to quickly reach the other team. This is used primarily by Sophie, who is the only known young elf capable of a brain push.
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