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<span>'''Auriferria''', along with </span>[[Argento]]<span></span>[[Pennisi]]<span></span>[[Merkariron]]<span></span>[[Styggis]]<span>, and </span>[[Achromian]], form <span>two lines that point to </span>[[Elementine]]<span>.</span>
{{Objects|title1 = Auriferria|use(s) = Light is used to leap|affiliations = [[Argento]], [[Pennisi]], [[Merkariron]], [[Styggis]], [[Achromian]], and [[Elementine]]}}
'''Auriferria''', along with [[Argento]], [[Pennisi]], [[Merkariron]], [[Styggis]], and [[Achromian]], form two lines that point to [[Elementine]]. It was mentioned in [[Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities|Book 1: ''Keeper of the Lost Cities'']].

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Auriferria, along with ArgentoPennisiMerkarironStyggis, and Achromian, form two lines that point to Elementine. It was mentioned in Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities.

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